Be in Control: Bathroom Exhaust Fan Can Help You Prevent Mould

Let me tell you straight ahead: There’s nothing interesting in having a mould infested bathroom and I was unlucky enough to have experienced it first-hand. What started out as a small black spot just above my shower quickly grew out of hand and turned into a nasty looking stain, or rather patch, with a diameter of ten centimetres.

Then, I started noticing more and more similar looking patches around my bathroom and it dawned on me that I was having a mould problem. Uh-oh, too late. Not only did it turn my bathroom into an unsightly and smelly place, but also the mould caused a number of health problems for me and my family. Scary enough, as I found out, prolonged exposure to it can cause chronic health issues, asthma being one of them.


Unfortunately, nothing I tried could get rid of it, besides a complete and expensive bathroom remodelling. We later found out all of this happened due to our bathroom being completely enclosed and having no windows or ventilation to drive out the high humidity released in the air. Our contractor suggested this time we should prevent mould from ever occurring again by making a quality exhaust fan bathroom investment.

An exhaust fan bathroom addition is an incredibly affordable solution that can save you from any potential risks to your health due to mould and mildew. The way it works is by taking care of the base cause for mould, which is humidity. It’s usually installed on the ceiling and when turned on it ventilates out the moisture while letting in clean and fresh air. There are even models mounted together with lights as a subtle way to hide the fan. Some types of exhaust fan and light fixtures even include a heater that can warm up the bathroom during cold winter months. So, you basically get three for the price of one – I got one of those. So convenient!

Besides being crucial for mould prevention, an exhaust fan is important for keeping a bathroom in good condition and reducing repair expenses. The constant moisture in the air can significantly destroy the walls by causing the paint or wallpaper to peel off. Any wooden bathroom furniture such as cabinets, including windows, doors and flooring, are also susceptible to damage from humidity because it can cause the wood to warp.

Not only can an exhaust fan keep your bathroom dry and prolong its lifespan, it can also help keep it fresh. You can spray air freshener all you want but it would only mask the bad smell and after a while you can still feel it, whereas an exhaust fan ventilates the smelly air out and replaces it with clean air.

As you can see by including a simple exhaust fan bathroom is sure to become a drier and fresher place free of mould. You’ve probably heard the old saying It’s better to be safe than sorry, and this definitely applies to your bathroom. Wait no longer and make the smart decision to install an exhaust fan. Your bathroom will thank you for it. Mine sure did!