The Interesting Reality of Patio Furniture: How to Spice Up Your Outdoor Area

It’s no secret that we Aussies enjoy living in modern and contemporary homes. We are all about implementing new things and following the latest trends, which in fact, was proved by a Houzz survey. This study shows that Australians are the leading nation when it comes to renovation (both indoors and outdoors) which clarifies why we have such beautiful and efficient homes, generally speaking. Besides that, we Aussies also love to spend quality time in the great outdoors, so it makes sense that having an appealing and entertaining outdoor area is a priority for many homeowners. That being said, here are some interesting things you can implement in order to create a more appealing outdoor entertainment area.

Smaller Lawn Space

Today, a great number of Aussies are reducing their lawn space or eliminating it completely in order to maximize their outdoor living space and to cut down the maintenance work. Creating outdoor living rooms is totally in now and a kitchen area with refrigerator and a sink are the essentials that go hand and hand with that as well as a nice outdoor grill.

More Light

The most popular trend in outdoor lighting over the past few years are (surprise, surprise!) LED lights. When compared to the traditional types of lights, LED lighting is more affordable and has proven to work wonders when it comes to highlighting home architectural features, illuminating pathways, gardens, decks, steps and so on. Since the technology is constantly evolving, these days, one can choose between a motion (sensor) LED lights and smart LED lights that can be controlled from a mobile device.

New Furniture Trends (Material-Wise)

Gone are the days when wood was the only choice for outdoor furniture. Nowadays, there are lots of choices with wicker, wood and metal being the most commonly used ones. Out of all these materials, lately metal has proven as the most commonly used type among Aussies. The reason is simple – metal outdoor patio furniture can be simple yet elegant, ideal for a range of outdoor garden/patio/deck styles. There are many types of metals that are used for the creation of many appealing designs, but out of all, aluminium has proven to be the best option so far. Although wrought iron is also used (as it is more affordable when compared to aluminium), aluminium is more durable, lighter and it requires less maintenance. What’s more, the aluminium garden and patio furniture is resistant to rust, unlike wrought iron which is prone to it.

Except for aluminium, natural wicker is the second most commonly used material for outdoor patio furniture. Usually, such furniture pieces can be made from rattan, cane or bamboo and the main reasons for their popularity are their appeal and lightweight. Since these materials are flexible, they can be moulded into interesting shapes and can be painted in every possible colour. However, white, black, dark grey and brown are among the most commonly chosen ones. An interesting fact about wicker is that it has been used since ancient times by Egyptians. Thanks to this wood’s flexible nature, Egyptians have managed to create a variety of styles in order to meet different demands.

Wood is another great option for outdoor furniture. The most common type of wood for that purpose is teak, however, bamboo and eucalyptus can also come into play. Eucalyptus has been used as a windbreak, as fuel but also as a building supply since ever, so when used for designing outdoor furniture, this wood should be finished with high quality penetrating oil and stain mixture in order to withstand the elements and resemble teak.


Except for adorning the furniture and being the perfect décor piece, cushions are great for preventing the patio furniture from heating up. This mainly goes for metal and plastic furniture pieces as they tend to heat up when exposed to direct sunlight. If you are not a fan of wood, adorning the many stylish metals, wicker and plastic furniture pieces with cushions is a great option. Except for that, cushions can be placed all over the floor/grass to make the outdoor area appear cosier.

Note: When it comes to purchasing cushions, make sure to choose ones that are waterproof and ones that won’t mildew or stain easily. Choosing a fabric that is colourfast and one that won’t fade in the sunlight is also paramount especially if your furniture is going to be placed in direct sunlight.

Egg Chairs

Except for the traditional egg chair with legs, these days Aussies find the hanging version of egg chairs more appealing. These chairs are extremely comfortable, versatile and portable, allowing to be placed both indoors and outdoors.