Outdoor Rugs: Bet You Didn’t Know These Facts

Would you consider a rug for your balcony or patio? You should. It is the perfect element to tie your outdoor space together. Trust us, throwing down a rug goes beyond defining seating; it adds colour and gives an outdoor space style and that homey, comfy, warm feeling.

Yes, you can still use an indoor rug outside, but they are not made the same and will not last as long. Thanks to new developments in material and technology, outdoor rugs, also known as all-weather rugs, are more durable and easy to clean. Thanks to this new technology, there has been a large improvement in designs, giving you more options than just a boring beige or brown colours. So many great quality outdoor rugs are available online and in stores, you can now design and decorate your outdoor space just the way you have always imagined it!

outdoor rugs

Here are our top three picks based on colour, design, and quality.

1. If you like the playfulness of Bohemian style, the I Spy Indi outdoor rugs are perfect. The blues and greens give a nice relaxing feel, and the pattern will fit in perfectly with the boho vibe you are trying to achieve. The pattern is quirky yet not an eye sore and will be great for family time out in the yard. This rug is definitely a conversation starter.

2. The I Spy Kim indoor and outdoor rug is definitely a rug that will liven up your space. The colours are fresh and vibrant and will look good in a backyard or on a terrace in the city.

3. If what you want is the design that is almost regal yet modern, the Byzan indoor outdoor rug by Rug Republic is just right. The sleek black and white colours will add a touch of class to any space. All you need is a nice chair and table so you can spend your afternoons sipping tea and eating cake.

An outdoor rug has to be able to withstand the outdoor weather and climate. While they do come in a variety of materials, polypropylene seems to be the most popular. It is resistant to outdoor weather, mildew, mould, and it holds its shape and colour well. While the material is plastic, it has a cotton feel and look to it. This kind of material can withstand up to 2000 hours of sunlight and if it gets wet, it dries quickly. Washing is as easy; all you need to do is scrub it with some soap and then hose it down outside. A good quality outdoor rug will also not fade and is impossible to stain. On a side note it is totally appropriate to use these rugs indoors as well. Not only will it cut the cleaning time, it doesn’t hold onto bacteria quite as easily. No wonder more and more people are turning to outdoor rugs.

Before we sign out, let’s talk about some facts (you may not know).

  • The oldest surviving carpet in the world is the Pazryk carpet; it is believed to be over 2000 years old!
  • Red carpets as we all know them are laid in front of politicians, heads of states, and recently in front of celebrities, and some formal events. The first ever reference to a red carpet is from an ancient play called Agamemnon by Aeschylus from 458 B.C.
  • The most expensive rug ever sold was an antique silk rug from Persia and it dates back to about 1600. It was sold for a massive $4,450,000.

Hopefully you now understand outdoor rugs a little more. They come in all shapes, sizes including outdoor rugs for patios, large outdoor rugs, even small outdoor rugs for a balcony. Whatever the size of your space is, you are sure to find something that can turn that space from drab to fab. You can find a large variety of outdoor rugs across Australia in homeware stores or you can just as easily browse and buy online.