Throwing a Fancy Dinner Party: A Guide to Essential Tableware

Hosting a dinner party is an excellent way to bring your friends or family together over a nice meal!

It might be the perfect excuse to finally dress up your favourite people for a formal evening or a way to celebrate an important decision such as moving to your dream city or getting the job you have always wanted. You may also decide to surprise someone by throwing a surprise birthday party. Whatever the reason for creating a memorable dinner party, you’ll need a few essential supplies to pull it off and make it a total success.

Glassware and Coasters


If you are not one of those people who are always using glass coasters, this dinner party might be the perfect occasion to become one. And, by coasters, we mean resin ones. An eye-catchy designer coaster of resin will take your glassware and tableware in general to the next level!

Even though these resin coasters are tiny they serve a great purpose. Besides making your décor theme fancier, they will preserve your furniture from spills and stains even more than you might realize, especially if it is made of stone, marble, or wood.

On the other hand, serving drinks such as beer, soda, water, or juice might leave water rings and marks on your table which can look unappealing and messy at the same time. Plus, if you don’t have the habit of cleaning your table after the guests are gone, and leave it for the next day or evening these stains may even get worse. And the last thing every host wants is to have their furniture ruined after every dinner party.

In terms of design, resin is again unique. You can rest assured that your table accessories are one of a kind as no single coaster of resin looks the same. There is a slight variation in colour and shape so even the manufacturer cannot always guarantee whether the shape and colour of the item you receive will match the item you’re about to purchase online. For a fancier touch opt for ones in sky blue, mint or chalk swirl colour.

Even though resin is sturdy enough and durable it should however be treated as ceramics. You should be cautious when using or washing a resin coaster as it may break when dropped on knocked against a hard surface. Because of the material delicacy, each of the coasters should be hand washed in warm water only.

Regardless of the drinks you intend to serve your guests, every place setting needs to have a water glass. A plain, transparent glass that rests on top of the plate setting serves as the standard water glass. The glasses can be used to serve any non-alcoholic beverage, even though they are commonly called water glasses.

If you intend to provide any alcoholic drinks, you’ll need the best way to serve them. Use a clear glass pitcher to serve alcohol at your dinner party so that you can see the many types of beverages that are available to your guests. Make sure to purchase a separate pitcher for each sort of beverage you intend to offer.

Platters and Salad Bowls


Salads are easy to prepare and a wonderful way to bring some colour and life to the table. The proper salad serving requires a sizable salad dish. In terms of design, a wooden bowl with a finish is a good option because it protects the exquisite wood grain from your tart but delicious dressing.

Designer salad bowls made of resin are another fantastic choice. These are excellent for presenting your freshly prepared salads, pasta, or sides in a dish that you won’t be able to see on someone else’s table because it is BPA-free and non-porous.

After all, unique dishes necessitate a unique bowl. You won’t have any trouble setting the ideal ambience for entertaining with resin salad bowls as they come in a range of colours, styles, and sizes just like everything made of this material.

Serving Utensils


Perhaps, your serving utensils should also go well with your table setting. Solid spoons work best for side dishes, whereas slotted spoons are fantastic for vegetables. As your favourite kitchen knife set stays in the kitchen, you’ll also need a good knife set. Each serving of bread should also come with a meat fork and a butter spreader.

A stainless-steel, gold-toned cutlery set with a specially shaped serving fork and two spoons, one opaque and one slotted, will help your visitors appreciate your table’s glimmering beauty as much as its meal. This will also add some glitz and refinement.

Table Linens


A fancy table linen set hand-picked by talented artisans will level up any table décor game. Due to its unassuming demeanour and delicate texture, linen has an understated elegance in addition to helping you cover the table and protect it from spills and stains. This light cloth blends in well with a relaxed setting and is great for entertaining.

Beautifully embroidered white linen tablecloths and matching napkins can be layered to use alone or as a base for additional layers of colour and texture. Alternately, go with a seasonal design and select a set of hand-printed tablecloths with a Christmas motif to add a festive and airy feel, if the occasion calls for it.

Adding creatively folded napkins, on the other hand, can set the tone for a fancy meal. No matter if it’s folded into tabletop origami or is crushed and crumpled, a distinctive presentation lets guests know they’re in for a treat. For a quick solution that unites the table, try napkin rings. For a unified appearance, choose a consistent set that mix and matches or spread-out multiple runners over the width of the table.

However, if you prefer dramatic settings, a table runner can be used to tie the centrepieces to the rest of the table. You can mix and match embroidered and patterned runners or use a jute runner to add natural character to your table and make it extra fancy.

The perfect linen table set will be incomplete without the use of placemats. They will make your table setting more aesthetically pleasing because of their splash of colour while protecting your tablecloths from spills and stains.