Some Important Facts on Cooking on the Go

Australia has a lot of national parks with a number of beautiful sites that easily find themselves on the wish list of every camper. Whether it’s for experiencing the wilderness, star gazing, or enjoying under the waters of some amazing waterfall, everything you’d experience on a well-organized caravanning trip would definitely raise the bar on good, quality leisure time.

It’s a well known fact that organization is key, especially when caravanning. So if your trip isn’t well-organized and you leave without everything you’d need while on the road, chances are you’ll end up completely frustrated and de-focused. You’d be occupied with the “why didn’t you/I…” questions and discussions and won’t enjoy the experience entirely.


Aside the practicalities that differ from a camper to a camper, the thing you can’t leave without is having a good plan for food and doing some basic meal preps. You can’t starve while on the road, right? Plus, caravanning and camping under an open sky is the perfect opportunity to enjoy grilled foods.

So let’s start from the basics in cooking while on the road: the equipment. Caravans are generally equipped with a small improvised kitchen: a cooker and a sink. You’d want to have a good cooker – something that won’t waste too much electricity, like a caravan gas stove. Besides working on gas, a caravan gas stove would also be very convenient for use because it can be plugged into a 12V cigarette lighter socker. That means it’s portable, which automatically makes it convenient for use if you travel in a car or a boat as well.

Fun fact about gas stoves: they have been around as cooking elements since 1836! A few hundred years ago, an Englishmen called James Sharp invented the gas stove as a more convenient and cheap option to wood and coal stoves, making the cooking process a lot easier. Cooking on wood or coal stove required a person to constantly tend to it to keep the heat. The gas stove made a huge difference since that was no longer needed. However, it took a while before people accepted the gas stove, mainly because at that period there wasn’t a functional pipe network for gas. When the oven and the thermostat were invented, the gas stove gained on popularity.

Now back to your caravan equipping. Once you have the cooking element covered, another thing to think about are the other basic necessities, such as pots and pans, utensils for eating and similar things which will make eating in the wilderness pleasant and easy. Have in mind that these are designed especially for camping purposes, so make sure you choose well when you visit a store for camping equipment.

Finally, get the food! You’re not going hunting, so take with you everything you plan on eating while travelling. Fruit, veggies, meat and bread in enough quantity to serve you during the time away from home. It’s best to make a meal plan for every day and plan the food accordingly. That way you won’t be in a mess when dinner time comes. There are gas stoves that besides for cooking can also be used for storing cooked food and keeping it warm for some time. Look for one of those when equipping your caravan.

Lastly, enjoy your trip. Whatever destination you choose, Australia offers sites that can easily make the simple act of travelling an actual experience.