Car Brake Facts


When buying a vehicle, especially a used one, you have to be very careful because lot of things aren’t always as good as they look. That is why it is always recommended to take the car to a reliable and experienced car service shop and make a full inspection of essential car parts, including the brakes – the most essential part of the vehicle. The brakes are the most important feature as well as a vital element of any vehicle. They are the only car part that is completely responsible for stopping the vehicle. Simply said, brake system is imperative for optimal and safe car performance. Therefore, if buying a used vehicle or if you have noticed screeching sounds, take your vehicle to a trustworthy brake service Melbourne shop immediately.

Regular brake maintenance is crucial for optimal vehicle performance, that is why it is important to make regular checks on your own. If not qualified, the best is to rely on professional services of a good auto brake service Melbourne shop. Mechanics have the skills, tools, material and equipment to properly deal with any brake related issues. Thus, it is imperative to find the good one. In addition, here are few brake facts you should know.

  • Engine brakes are used in commercial and heavy duty vehicles such as buses and semitrailers in order to increase speed control.
  • Vehicle brakes reduce the occurrence of failure by using the car engine to slow the rig.
  • Car brakes save money by reducing tear and wear on the brake system and tires, increase the effectiveness of braking and increase the overall safety. To make sure your brakes meet all these requirements you should make regular brake inspection by professional auto brake service Melbourne shop.
  • Vehicle exhaust brakes are generally mounted on the outer side of the turbocharger of the car and boost the ability of the engine to exhaust or push out compression.
  • Unlike engine vehicle brakes, exhaust brakes do not produce loud sounds.
  • Exhaust vehicle brakes are created to be used all the time, not only when you need them.
  • Vehicle engine brakes are used when driving on downhill grades as well as when a car is in a traffic is frequently stopped.
  • Aside from trucks, engine brakes are also used in tractor trailers, highway equipment and commercial buses.