Treat Your Skin Kindly – Facts in Favour of Natural Skin Care

Through the years, things change and evolve, and most often for the better. Luckily, skin care products have evolved too. The focus has shifted from harmful chemical-based products to ones that contain naturally-derived ingredients. Using chemical products can lead to various skin-related problems, and, having in mind that the skin is our largest organ, it is only natural to treat it right and be mindful of what we put on it. Because what goes on – goes in too, since we absorb 60% of the products we choose to put on our skin. Read on for a few facts which show that natural means healthy, long-lasting and eco-friendly.

natural skin care products

Time-Tested and Proven Results

People paid attention and provided care for their skin way before all these chemical “skin-enhancing” products came along. There are a number of ingredients that are included in modern, organic products that were derived from ancient remedies which have been in use for centuries because of their incredible benefits for the skin. Over time these ingredients have shown no signs of adverse side-effects, ensuring healthy and beautiful looking skin.

Natural Skin Care Products Help Reduce Irritations

People who struggle with sensitive skin know best just how much our skin shows that something is wrong with our choice of everyday skin products. There are numerous anti acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide – an ingredient that often leaves the skin feeling dry, red and sore, at times even painful. Fortunately, there are natural skin care products that come as an alternative to almost all chemical-based ones, be it to fight spots, wrinkles or for simply keeping your skin fresh, clean and healthy. These are the kinder option, and the more efficient one as well. Contrary to the harmful chemicals, the naturally sourced ingredients such as zinc oxide, tea tree oil, and lavender extract all have healing properties and the end result after applying this type of products will be smooth and deeply nourished skin, instead of sore and irritated one.

natural skin care

Skin Care Products are Skin Food

As stated before, our skin is highly absorbent, so next time you shop for skin products, make sure that you go over the label and read through the ingredients you are about to put your skin through. You are advised to be health-conscious for each and every product you use, not just about the things you eat or drink. Remember, toxins are destructive, whereas plant-based extracts are helpful.

Natural Skin Care Products are Better for the Environment

Chemical-based products quite often contain BHA, BHT, triclosan, and siloxanes as part of their ingredients and can be extremely harmful to fish and other types of wildlife. Plasticizers like dibutyl phthalate can have a negative effect on animal reproduction and can even induce genetic abnormalities. Lastly, some of the chemicals used in conventional skin care products are washed into rivers, lakes and streams. These can be later transferred into the soil and have even greater environmental impact.