Fascinating Women’s Accessories Facts You Did Not Know

Not a single outfit is complete without stylish fashion accessories. These subtle and seemingly minor extras do add personality and voice to the whole look. From belts, hats and scarfs to handbags, women’s accessories define occasion and style. And as Nina Garcia, a judge on the reality TV show Project Runway would put it, “accessories can make or break a look”.

 But if you thought you knew everything there is to know about fashionable women’s accessories (matching handbag with shoes does not count), think again. Here are few fascinating facts to amuse you.


  • Did you know that gloves were used since ancient times. In ancient Egypt, gloves were a symbol for high position and were usually wore by the Pharaohs.

  • In the 1600s, the upper classes of European countries were wearing scented gloves.

  • Prince Felipe, Duke of Calabria, the oldest son of Charles III of Spain, was in love with gloves. Literally. He used to wear up to 16 pairs of gloves at a time.

  • Scarves date back to the Ancient Egypt.

  • Did you know that in Ancient Rome scarves were used to wipe sweat off the neck and face.

  • Elizabeth I of England, or better known as The Virgin Queen, loved hats to the extreme that she made wearing hats on holidays and Sundays a law. Every female older than 7 had to wear a hat.

  • Did you know that hats wore at Royal weddings are called fascinators. They are still major accessory in UK and Australia and women usually wear them at wedding or other important events, such as Melbourne Cup Day.

  • Beret is today associated with France and Spain. Although this accessory dates back to ancient times, it is believed that the shepherds from Bearn (Province of France located in the Pyrenees mountains), were first to hand-knit it. Napoleon III is responsible for popularizing the beret as he was intrigued by this unique-looking hat.

  • Purse is probably one fashion accessory that has been around as long as humans. But the term ‘handbag’ was not in use until the mid 19th century. Today handbags are a must-have women’s accessories.

  • It is believed that H.J. Cave & Sons, a London-based luxury goods brand, was the first to create a handbag, a clutch and a tote as we know them today.

  • In Australia, handbags are the top-selling women’s accessories. According to recent reports over 50% of all Australian women bought at least one bag in 2014.