Semi Trucks Facts You Didn’t Know

You have probably seen semi trucks before, since these heavy-duty vehicles are used for various transportation tasks. Today, the semi trucks can be seen on the roads all over Australia. These long vehicles are used generally for transportation of various goods and materials from one place to another. They come in different designs and with different capabilities. But, how much you actually know about these transportation vehicles? Continue reading and learn something new about the semi trucks.semi-trucks-facts

  1. The name “semi truck” comes from the fact that these trucks haul a trailer behind. The trailer of the truck has only back wheels.
  2. The most popular manufacturers of semi trucks in the world are: Kenworth, Volvo, Mack, Freightliner, Peterbilt Motor Company, and many other.
  3. The average length of the semi-trailers is 16 meters. The trailer and the truck together create a semi truck that is 24 meters long. The semi truck can haul up to 30 tons of heavy loads. Because of that, this truck is the largest vehicle that can be found on the Australian roads.
  4. The most common semi truck axle configurations that can be found on the market are the following ones: 3 axle semi truck trailer, 6 axle semi truck trailer, 4 axle semi truck trailer, and 4 axle semi trailer.
  5. The engine of the semi truck is up to six times larger that the engine of a typical commercial car.
  6. Because of the large length and weight, the driver cannot turn the semi trailer truck like the other vehicles. For instance, the driver needs at least 16 meters to make a complete U-turn.
  7. For operating large vehicles like the semi trucks, a specific driver’s license and training is required.
  8. Most semi truck accidents happen as a result of bad weather conditions and driver fatigue.
  9. The tires of the semi truck that is used for transportation of heavy loads are like ticking time bombs. This means that the tires of the semi truck need to be properly inflated and maintained.
  10. Drifting to other lanes is normal for the semi trucks. Since these heavy vehicles need bigger surface area, it’s very common to see a semi truck that drives in the middle of the road. That’s why you should be always cautious when sharing the road with semi-trailer trucks.
  11. The semi trucks have more blind spots than the cars. Because of their massive size, the driver of the semi truck has reduced visibility, especially when moving backwards.