The Role of Trolleys in Warehouse Safety and Efficiency

Working in a warehouse may be one of the most physically demanding jobs, but thanks to a few innovative pieces of equipment, all of that carrying, lifting and moving boxes has now been made easier by using material handling equipment. Out of the many different types of such equipment, the trolleys are some of the most practical additions.

They make such a big difference when it comes to a worker’s the ability to locate, load and transport items. First of all, their implementation prevents any kind of jam or delay at loading bays. Next, they can also reduce a warehouse’s operational costs by making things get moved faster. Thirdly, and this is unarguably the most important perk – the usage of trolleys can help prevent workplace injuries and reduce muscle stress that is caused by lifting and moving manually. 

heavy goods trolley

The most basic type of trolley is the hand trolley. These feature two wheels, a sturdy base, and a solid base. The user can stack boxes on it, tilt the back slightly toward himself and then push it in the wanted direction. These are generally recommended for not so heavy loads and short distances.

Another type is the shelf trolley, and just like the name implies, this is a warehouse trolley purposefully designed with shelving. The shelving comes in handy if you need to carry around more boxes or items. It is rather convenient that the shelves usually slope a little to the back so the user won’t have to worry about any item falling off during transportation. What’s more, these trolleys have three of their sides surrounded with bars for safety reasons, leaving only one open for loading and unloading. These heavy goods trolley models are beyond useful and can carry up to 500kg.

Another one on the heavy duty list are the wagon trolleys, which are probably one of the most commonly used types. They are a reliable option when heavier items need to be transported. What makes these trolleys similar to wagons is that they handle extends from just one end. Each of these heavy goods trolley features a pneumatic wheel which offers great stability and mobility regardless of whether the user is working indoors or outdoors and regardless of the weight of the item. The latest models can even support items that weigh 900kg.

Apart from relying on trolleys and other types of material handling equipment, warehouse workers should also be informed about the essential lifting and material handling methods that make for greater safety.