Facts About Liebherr Cranes

Liebherr is a pioneer on the market for mobile cranes, and it is one of the most reputable German equipment manufacturing companies. With experience of more than 65 years, Liebherr design and produce a wide range of construction machines which are used in many industry sectors, like construction and mining. Despite offering a whole range of construction equipment, many people know Liebherr for its high-quality cranes. The company offers a lifting machine for every lifting application, such as: tower, mobile, truck-mounted, all terrain, cargo handling, mobile harbor and gantry cranes. Here are some interesting facts about Liebherr cranes¬†you might didn’t know:


  • Liebherr Group has achieved a total turnover of $13.585.375 in 2013 with over 39,400 employees and record-high investments.
  • Liebherr’s Mobile Cranes Division is achieving about 25% of the total turnover of Liebherr Group. So, the range of mobile Liebherr cranes includes over 30 different types, designed with a telescopic or lattice boom, on wheels and on tracks, for light duties and heavy lifts.
  • According to the annual 2013 report, 3,687 of all employees in Liebherr Group are Australians, which is almost 10% of all employees.
  • Beside the wide range of Liebherr cranes, this German manufacturer is the producer of the L300 – the first hydraulic excavator in Europe.
  • Although Liebherr is a German-based company, the founder Hans Liebherr moved the headquarters to Switzerland in the 70s, with a purpose to avoid the big German inheritance taxes.
  • Liebherr expanded its roots internationally. In the 70s, Hans Liebherr began to supply the markets in Brazil, Canada and USA with a wide range of wheel loaders, crawler cranes, hydraulic excavators and other construction equipment. Liebherr also introduced two new production facilities in Europe, one in Switzerland and the other in Austria.
  • Liebherr is a synonym for technological innovations, especially in the field for cranes and lifting equipment. The first Liebherr cranes were equipped with a 24-m long telescopic arm and had load capacity of 25 tons.
  • In 1993, Liebherr had 15,000 employees. Today, the company has almost 40,000 employees in over 130 countries around the world.