Match Made in Heaven: Facts on How To Buy Yoga Mats

So, you have started your yoga practice and still ponder upon the perfect yoga mat, or maybe you have already bought it but wonder if you made the right choice. Worry not, as this article aims to ease your purchase by pointing out some facts that you should pay attention to.

First of all, it all comes down to the type of yoga you do. Some practices (the different types of hot yoga), require yoga mats that prevent slipping. Prior to buying, you can search for your yoga mat online and learn a few more things about the different types manufactured.


Before you buy yoga mats, look for more natural rubber materials that are better for maintaining clean and are not toxic, unlike the PVC mats that were especially used in the previous decades. Another important feature is the thickness of the mat; thicker mats may feel more comfortable, however in certain poses (where the focus is on the balance) they may be more of a trouble than help because your feet aren’t that connected to the floor. If you are a beginner and are still dealing with balance techniques, it is ideal to buy exercise mats that are better regarding this.

Adding to the fact concerning materials, is the texture. Some yogis may prefer a softer touch, whereas others may like the roughness of the more natural mats. To enhance your comfort, you could also buy a towel that would work wonders for some of your asanas. The bigger the comfort of your yoga mat, the bigger the price, of course, so you may also want to check in with your pocket as well. However, the high price you’d pay for quality mats would pay off in its durability.

To make the most of your yoga time, you can choose a mat with your favourite colour or even choose one that has a pattern so it can positively stimulate your relaxation. You may be surprised as to how much the colour and pattern of your mat can add to your yoga practice.

Yoga mats are the number one yoga accessories and one simply cannot imagine yoga studios without their convenience. Hence, choosing the right yoga mat can be compared with choosing the right pet. The best way to buy yoga mats is to do your own research, so that you will know what exactly you need, to guarantee the best yoga experience. Once you find your perfect match, remember to wipe it clean every now and then because you’ll be spending a lot of time with it doing your asanas.