Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Can Help You Drop the Kilos and Keep Them Off

Hypnotherapy has been lately creating a buzz in the alternative medicine community for providing solutions to a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, depressions, phobias, smoking, as well as weight loss. But, do you know what it really is?


Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary therapy that uses the power of positive suggestion to change the subconscious mind, feelings and behavior. The process involves changing your state of consciousness in a way that leads the conscious part of the mind to be more relaxed while stimulating the subconscious part at the same time. The increased state of awareness (achieved by proper relaxation techniques) enables the hypnotherapist to make healthy suggestions which will stay in your mind.

According to weight loss hypnotherapy experts, to be able to follow a diet and exercise plan you need first to re-educate your mind and change your already existing eating and exercising habits. Many individuals tend to face unconscious obstacles that prevent them from keeping up with their diet, causing them to stay overweight no matter how many times they try to embrace a losing weight program. Weight loss hypnotherapy helps remove these obstacles and helps change an individual’s unconscious mind.

The secret lies within
Weight loss hypnotherapy experts believe that the power you need to succeed lies within you. You don’t need another ‘miracle’ diet of the latest pill that suppresses appetite. The secret to losing weight is to trust your innate abilities, just like you do when you learn something new – to ride a bicycle for example. You may have forgotten how scary is was the first time you tried, but you kept trying until you could ride automatically, without effort. It is pretty much the same with losing weight, i – it is all about finding your balance.

Believe you can
People tend to succeed in what they believe they can succeed, and that applies to hypnotherapy too. Individuals fail by not believing they could be hypnotized, so the expectation that you can be helped is essential. Simply said, before you reach a hypnotherapist to help you we suggest you to expect your weight loss plan to work.


Restrictive dieting and eating simply do not work
The human body produces hormones that tell the brain when enough nourishment was consumed. The human body also creates hormones that indicate when the body needs more nourishment. When you eat non-foods also called ‘edible food-like substances’ your body receives a false message. So, when you consume industrial-produced artificial sweeteners and diet beverages, you are being fooled.

Dieting is not the solution to keeping weight down
It is widely known that most people who diet to lose weight regain it later on. To lose weight and keep it off you need first to change long-term patterns of eating and exercising. In other words, hunger management is essential.