LED Flood Lighting Facts – Increase Your Safety Stats

When coming up with the lighting scheme for your yard, the first thing you need to do is consider how it will affect the security of your home. In the process of browsing for security lights, it is inevitable that you come across LED flood lights. At first, this type of lights might not look like an attractive option due to their design that focuses on functionality, and you might even say to yourself My garden is not an arena, why would I need something that resembles a spotlight? However, if you consider a few important facts about them, you will quickly realise that there is no better lighting option for your outdoor space when security is concerned.

Increased Visibility

LED flood lights are designed with the intend to be used for illuminating large outdoor areas. Therefore, they produce powerful beams of light that offer visibility almost as bright as daylight. By strategically installing flood lights around your property and making sure there’s no corner or hidden place left unilluminated, the security of your home is increased. No-one will try to burglar you if they can be clearly seen by neighbours or passers-by. Plus, pest and stray animals will also keep away from your yard. Some studies have even shown that an increased visibility in a neighbourhood, like the one LED flood lights provide, is connected with a drop in crime up to 45%.


Motion Operated

Most types of Led flood lighting are motion operated by sensors, which means that they turn on whenever there’s a movement in the surrounding area. This motion technology is important for flood lights because it can lower the electricity cost for operating them. Without a sensor, the flood lights will need to be turned on the whole night which can end up being costly and reduce their lifespan. But besides saving your money, the sensor will also save your peace of mind. By turning on, you will be instantly alerted whenever there’s something or someone in your yard. Moreover, it will serve as a security system whenever you’re not home. A potential burglar or trespasser will be scared off thinking there’s someone in the house. The sensor is also a very convenient option for when you’re returning home late and you fumble looking for the keys.

Energy Efficient

If you think that such powerful lights would sap energy like leaches and take a toll on your pocket, you haven’t heard of the ultimate beauty of LED technology. LED lights have acquired the attribute eco-friendly for a good reason. Because LEDs are directional lights, meaning they emit light in a specific direction unlike other types of lighting that disperse their beam in all directions, they manage to use energy more efficiently. Compared to traditional light sources like incandescent bulbs, LEDs use up to 75% less energy and can last as long as 10 years. Due to their incredible durability, you won’t need to regularly replace LEDs and create harmful waste. But ultimately, what’s best about Led flood lighting is that your electricity bills will be drastically reduced.