A Few Interesting Facts That Make Tactical Slingshots an Ideal Survival Tool

Tactical slingshot

The first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word “slingshot” is probably an image of Dennis the menace or Bart Simpson, or any number of other cartoons where it served as the primary tool for mischief and pranks. But would you believe me if I told you that there are real-life equivalents to that childish looking toy that can do some serious damage in the wrong hands, and be used as an excellent survival tool in the right ones?

There is a large number of various tactical slingshots that differ on the basis of quality, the materials each of their individual parts are made of, and most importantly, how much power they can pack. If you know how to properly handle one, you can use them to hunt small game like squirrels or birds. The advantages it has in hunting are because of how light both it and its ammo are, meaning that you won’t be weighed down or get tired manoeuvring through the bushes anytime soon. In addition, the way it is shot is also advantageous, since it makes you turn your body sideways and makes you a little harder to spot. They are also very silent, which is a big factor if you don’t want to scare off your prey.

If you are hunting with a slingshot, they also have another use in terms of protection against larger animals as well. This is not to say that it can scare off a bear if you ever come across one in the forest (for that effect I suggest you get yourself a bazooka), but it can be fired with enough force to discourage the advancement of any medium sized threat like a wolf or fox. There is also a case that can be made for the use of these slingshots in self-defence against people. The problem here is that if you are not careful, you could seriously endanger the life of someone using this, and other people have noticed this as well since there are a few places where the use of these slingshots in an urban environment is strictly prohibited.


Instead of being made of wood like their smaller alternatives that are more fit as a children’s toy, the tactical slingshots, and their parts are made out of either a metal alloy or a durable plastic. The bands that most of these slingshots use to fire off their projectiles are made out of incredibly durable rubber and are designed to fire repeatedly at high velocity without ripping or tearing. They can also be equipped with an arm brace that is attached to the bottom of the handle and steadies the slingshot with your forearm so that you can get more power out of it without having to compromise on precision.

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but this item shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be treated with the level of caution it deserves. This basically means – frequently check if there is any damage to any part that could result in injury after repeated use, and never point it at yourself or your friends, no matter how drunk you get.