All the Facts You Didn’t Know about Shoes and Arch Support

casual sandals with arch support

The most basic thing about shoes is that they are an important barrier that protects our feet from objects that can hurt us. They protect our feet from injuries like cuts, punctures, burns and even frostbite. However, not all shoes are created equal which means that while some are made of poor material, others don’t have sufficient cushioning and some don’t offer enough support which is why more and more orthopedists recommend choosing orthopedic shoes. In light of that, here are a few important facts about the type of shoes that are a lot more than a basic barrier between one’s feet and the ground.

  • The thing that makes orthopedic shoes so good for our feet are the orthopedic insoles and their ability to provide exceptional arch support. The main purpose of arch support is to reduce the excessive feet pronation which in fact is the main cause of foot and heel pain. Except for that, excessive pronation can cause internal leg rotation which can affect the knee, hip and lower back, thus investing in good shoes and casual sandals with arch support is required for alleviating that pressure.
  • The arch in our feet has two main functions, to support our body weight while standing and to work with our bones, ligaments and tendons in order to produce spring-like propulsion while walking and running.
  • To make everything smoother and comfier, orthopedic shoes are made in a variety of widths so the user can choose the right fit. Medium, wide and extra wide are the main sizes you can find on the market, however, there is an option to choose narrow and extra-extra wide ones.
  • Whether you choose shoes, boots or casual sandals with arch support (depending on the weather), one thing is certain, shoes of that type are made out of soft and smooth interior in order to eliminate any kind of pressure so it can help you stay comfortable throughout the day.
  • Except for alleviating any kind of feet pain and discomfort, orthopedic shoes with arch support can improve mobility and stability, which makes them ideal for people with diabetes and neuropathy.
  • When buying orthopedic shoes, look for cushioning, stability, injury prevention and motion control. And keep in mind that the more arch support you want, the higher the shoe price.
  • Custom-made orthopedic shoes can result in reduced foot pain and improved function score for people with a higher arch.