Add Interest and a Touch of Sophistication to Your Outfit with Accessories

woman wearing scarf in her hair

Your choice of accessories can really make or break your outfit. Besides adding that final touch to your stylish look, womens accessories also make your wardrobe more versatile. For example, you can wear the same dress a number of times during the same month, yet look different each time by adding a colourful scarf, a big necklace or a handbag. Just a few pieces of key accessories can make a great difference in diversifying your capsule wardrobe. Lucky for you, there is a variety of accessories for ladies you can purchase which will glam up your look.

Spice up a Monochromatic Outfit with a Scarf

monochromatic outfit combined with scarf

A colourful scarf, a plain one, a patterned one, a summer silk scarf or a winter woollen scarf… there are so many options to choose from! So, how can you look dashing by simply adding a scarf to your outfit? Well, first you need to pick the colour palette of your outfit. Let’s say you are wearing a plain black tight dress. If you want to look more sophisticated, you can mix and match it with a pair of beige high heels and a silk scarf. As the dress and heels will be monochromatic, you can spice things up with a printed scarf. Let’s also not forget the trend of adding a silk scarf to your handbag. It can make a dull and boring looking handbag eye-catching! For the colder months, if you are wearing a plain blouse, you can add some warmth and variety to your outfit with a checkered scarf. It will add colour to your neutral combination and it will also keep you warm and snuggled. If you are still cold though, a knit scarf that matches your beanie will make you look even trendier.

A Handbag – Complete Your Outfit with a Practical Piece of Accessory


Handbags are definitely one of the most important accessories for ladies. While you can sometimes skip the scarf, it is harder to do without a handbag. And what type of handbag you wear depends on where you are going. If I am travelling and sightseeing, I know I will be out all day. So, for city breaks, I usually bring a larger bag where I can fit everything I might need – a water bottle, a wallet, passport, wet wipes… you get the picture. Most outfits work great with tote bags. Whether you are dressed casually with jeans and a shirt or a more elegant dress, you can usually use the same bag if the style goes well together. A bag with a lot of colours can break that tedious look you get from wearing plain jeans and a shirt or a simple dress. And if you are a bit risqué with the colours, you can tone things down with a monochromatic bag.

Looking Chic by the Beach Bar with a Sunhat

woman wearing sun hat

When shopping for accessories for ladies, most women overlook sunhats and opt for sunglasses. But sunhats don’t serve as a fashion statement only. Like handbags, they are very practical, even more so as they protect your skin and hair from the damage caused by the harmful UV rays. During hot summer days on the beach, we tend to slather enough sunscreen and wear sunglasses yet hats shouldn’t be disregarded. Since the skin on our face is the most delicate, a sunhat can prevent those sunburns that cause your skin to dry up and wrinkle. So, besides the protection that sunhats offer, they also allow us to be more creative with our summer outfits. Whether you are wearing a sundress, a sarong or a bathing suit, a sunhat will complete your look. A wide-brimmed hat is an ultimate accessory to your beach look making you look so chic when sipping on summer cocktails. And if you prefer beach volleyball instead of cocktails, a visor will work just fine with your ponytail.

Small Pearl Earrings for an Elegant and Luxurious Look

pearl earrings

When speaking of accessories, jewellery is what comes to mind for most people. You can add it to your more casual outfits to make them more interesting, or if you are dressing up and want to look more sophisticated, a pair of elegant earrings can complete your dress. Try not to overdo it with the jewellery though, as adding a lot of pieces takes away from its elegance. A simple rule of thumb is to stick with two pieces maximum. For example, if you are wearing earrings and a bracelet, skip the necklace. For special occasions, such as weddings or dinners in upscale restaurants, I prefer a simple pair of elegant earrings. The little black dress popularized by Audrey Hepburn has made this outfit a staple for every woman. And the jewellery she wore with it? A simple pair of earrings and a pearl necklace. Like the dress, those earrings are also must-have female accessories. And they don’t need to be pearl earrings either! Shiny cubic earrings can also help you glam up and add some sparkle to your attire.