Kids Bunk Beds : A Whole New Level of Cool

You will agree with me that a good bedroom design is the one that lies close to your heart and puts a smile on your face every time you enter the room. Especially for kids; there is no kid on Earth that does not like sleeping in its own car bed, or in a princess castle bed in a room painted all in bright colours with many wallpapers, drawings and shelves for toys. My kids’ bedroom is not very spacious, so I decided to buy them bunk beds. Sleeping in these beds brings such thrill to kids, especially for the one that gets to sleep in the top bed. And that’s where the problem lies: they both want the top bed! So, to amortize the fact that they will have to take turns, I decided to be creative and make their beds special. Kids bunk beds Australia web sites are filled with amazing ideas for decorating the bunk beds, here are my top picks.

Kids Bunk Beds

1. Bunk Beds – Lego style

When you browse through the kids bunk beds Australia online stores, look for building blocks to create your own beds. For instance, you can get frames designed to look like Lego building blocks; get them in plain wood, and then paint them in whichever colour you and your childern like. Pretty good and easy DIY project. Assemble them together and voila – the perfect bunk bed!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean style – ropes!

Just because they are bunk beds does not mean they have to be on top of each other. You can be creative and use ropes to make them hang of the ceiling at different spots in the room. You need a simple bed frame for these beds and a small ladder so that the upper bed is reachable. Plus, very, very strong ropes. The lower bed can be placed on the ground, slightly lifted, and the second one can be attached on ropes on the ceiling on the other side of the wall. Attach the ladder to one of its ends and decorate it with suitable bed covers and pillow cases.

3. Riding the dream waves

It seems like pretty much anything can be useful as a bed these days. How about a boat? Small one-person boats would make the perfect bed frames, since they are already assembled. All you need is to just prepare the inside surface and put a mattress for sleeping. You can turn to professional bed builders to design a supportive stand for the upper bed. Once that is settled and the bed is placed on top, do the painting – the most interesting part of the project.

4. Cavemen in the house

Now this is the most amazing kids bedroom design ever! Designed by an architecture and design studio, these are built-in beds for four kids. And they look a lot like caves in the walls, so your kids will be more than excited to feel like cavemen in their own bedrooms. For this idea you may want to consult an architect so that he can take the measurements and create the ‘caves’. This is one big structure which is why it is best to get professional building help. But if you are up for the challenge, feel free to be creative. And once created, you will need to paint it – you can go for a cave look if your kids are into it, or, you can create real heaven of it: clouds, rainbows, drawings of their favourite action heroes and characters – the choices are limitless.