Interesting Facts about Modern Couches: The Integral Parts of Interior Décors

Regardless of whether we’re fans of shopping or not, everyone loves a good home makeover. The chance to get in the role of a designer certainly brings about excitement. After all, who doesn’t want a little interior change every now and then? It helps stir things up in the ambiance, and break away from the potential of monotony. Though we all have our own tastes and preferences, there are still the same kind of objects that are an integral part of most of our homes. A couch always makes the perfect focal point of a living room, and while we make it part of our décor, it’s also good to learn a bit about it.

As much as we like to think of our civilisation as the trendy and inventive one, ancient peoples have done it long before us. This is also the case with the invention of the couch as our modern couches have their predecessor in ancient times. The name comes from the Latin verb “collocare”, “coucher” in Old French, meaning to lay down. This type of furniture has been used in ancient Rome by men particularly, who liked eating while relaxing and socialising, so instead of living rooms, couches could be found in dining rooms around the dining table.

The simplistic models of the past have undergone changes over the centuries to get to all the variety of choices of modern couches we know of today, from materials to designs. It’s interesting to note, on average, a couch is part of a home for about eight years, which means it’s the hanging out spot for people whenever they watch TV, with more than 700 films and 1000 soap operas watched during the lifespan of a couch. Now that eating in front of the TV is becoming the trend, there are more than 1000 meals eaten while seated on the couch.

Since the living room is the room where people spend most of their time at home, the couch is also the witness of numerous fights, kisses and cuddles, while enduring a great deal of spills and stains, more than 1500 throughout its lifetime and yet despite them, people rarely consider giving the upholstery a change or even do frequent cleaning. Couches are also the furniture where disappearing acts happen that involve kids’ toys, kittens and dogs. As we can see, couches have been an indispensable part of homes for centuries and as such they deserve to get all the maintenance they can. After all, they do have a say in the style of the interior.