High Chair Tray Play – Interesting Activities to Engage Your Little One In

If you have used your baby’s high chair only for meals, it is time to kick your parenting up a notch. There are so many games that your little one can play in his high chair while you are preparing dinner, do the dishes, make a quick call, or finish your own meal. These great inventions are so popular and practical because they make it possible for your baby to play safely right next to you while you are taking care of some other things. Mind you though, some of these ideas are a bit messy, but you know how kids are – the messier the game, the more they love it.

So for the sake of making your little ones happier while spending in their high chairs Australia pediatricians recommend that they are engaged in fun activities they enjoy. Here are some of my baby’s favorites.

Magnetic Magic

Here’s a great learning game – place a small metal pan and some magnetic shapes, letters or animals on the high chair to keep your little one busy with sliding and touching the shapes. Choose large items that have securely affixed magnets so that you avoid a choking hazard. If the pan falls down from the high chair, the magnets will keep all the items inside from flying around.

A Dose of Creativity

How about you unleashed your baby’s inner Picasso with some awesome mess-free painting? Put a piece of paper into a resealable bag, add a few drops of paint inside and tightly seal it up. Then, tape it to the high chair’s table and leave your kid to create his own masterpiece by touching and playing with the bag. You will definitely get some cool pieces of art.

Golden Globe

We grown-ups are all mesmerized by snow globes, let alone babies, right? So for the sake of causing awe in your baby’s eyes and a smile on his face, fill a bottle of water with water or oil, glitter, buttons, beads or shells, and close it really tight. This way you can easily create a baby-safe snow globe or sensory bottle that will keep your little one curious and intrigued long enough for you to finish up with your chores.

Finger Painting

You’re going to want to break out the big bib for this game! It is very simple though – just place a few blobs of yogurt on the high chairs Australia made tray (cause why not support local businesses, right?) and leave your baby to do whatever he wants with it. A small mess is guaranteed, but at least he will taste it, finger-paint and have a great time. If you’d like to add some more fun to this, mix a bit of puree into the yogurt to add some colour. You can add carrot for orange, plum for purple, and avocado for green.