Interesting Ways a Wedge Bed Pillow Can Increase Your Bedroom Comfort

After a long and stressful day, there’s nothing more soothing than retreating to your quiet bedroom and enjoying the comfort it provides. But sometimes the layers of clean sheets, the fluffy pillows and the thick mattress just aren’t enough and we still end up tossing and turning throughout the whole night. Luckily, today there are many products that can help increase your bedroom comfort and help solve the issues that prevent you from falling asleep. One such amazing product is the bed wedge. Here are some great reasons you should get one.

wedge bed pillow

Soothe Painful Acid Reflux


If you’ve ever felt like your chest is on fire after laying down to sleep, then you probably know what acid reflux feels like. Acid reflux, or also called heartburn, is an extremely common problem that keeps many people awake at night. It’s usually triggered when you lay in a horizontal position, which makes it easier for stomach acid to creep up your throat and cause a painful burning sensation. With that being said, sleeping slightly elevated on a wedge bed pillow can be a really effective solution. The wedge bed pillow is designed to keep your body at just the right angle so that acid reflux can’t enter your oesophagus.

Prevent Snoring


Many of us usually sleep on our backs. While this position is certainly good for us as it helps keep the lower back and neck straight and aligned, it can sometimes cause problems. In fact, sleeping on one’s back can often trigger snoring and make breathing harder for people who have sleep apnoea or other respiratory issues. A wedge bed pillow can be an effective remedy for these problems as it creates a gentle incline that helps open up the airways so that the person can breathe better.

Great Support for Lounging in Bed


Let’s be honest, the reason you look forward to retreating to your bedroom isn’t solely about getting some sleep, but also the fact that you can finally enjoy some β€œme” time. Whether you’re watching your favourite TV show, reading a captivating book, or just listening to music, we all look forward to lounging in our bed. However, sitting upright on your bed can be hard on the back and neck. Even if you place a pillow behind you, it still feels awkward as pillows aren’t designed to offer full support. But a memory foam bed wedge is much larger and firmer than a pillow and can perfectly mould around your body while supporting your back and relieving any pressure.