Interesting Facts About Power Tools

Ever since the history of humankind, people have had a connection with tools, mainly because tools meant life. They kept our forbearers safe, helped them bring food, make clothes, build up homes… you get my point. Though nowadays, things have changed, and the world is a much more advanced place, we still have that connection with tools. Even tools have evolved greatly, and my interest are the power tools particularly.

Practically, there’s barely a home without some sort of power tool. They’re helpful in the way they provide efficiency, which was specifically why they were designed: to save you from the effort, get work done for you, while saving you the time. If you take a look at the wide range of power tools for sale, you’d see there’s the tool for every job, and chore; from saws, nail, and screw guns, power drills, and jack hammers, to grinders. What power tools share is their usefulness in industry, be it cutting, painting, construction, drilling, heating, gardening, farming, cooking, manufacturing, to name a few.

Hand and Power Tools

What you can expect to see from power tools for sale is there aren’t just those that are powered by electricity, but those that work on gasoline, batteries, compressed air, external air, and steam as well. It’s interesting to know some of the power tools’ stories, and how they came to be. For instance, the portable saw is connected with sugar canes; the inventor got tired of using machetes to cut the sugar canes one day, and that’s how the portable power saw appeared.

Although it seems different worlds, the jigsaw had its beginnings in the sewing machine manufacturing when it was used to replace the needle. The first machine, the lathe, in use since ancient Egyptian times, had its operations change from manual, to steam engine, later on to be replaced by a water wheel, and then the mighty power tool, the gasoline engine.

The first milling machine was invented in the US in 1818, by the manufacturer Simeon North, whose role was also significant in the development of interchangeable parts. It was in 1895 when the first electric hand drill first appeared, in Germany, and got its improvement in 1916 by the US power tools company Black & Decker, making it possible for one person to operate the drill thanks to adding a pistol grip.

It’s important to note power tools are powerful, I’m sure you get it, it’s implied it their name; what this means is while they can provide you with the speed and ease to finish off projects in no time, they can be dangerous when it comes to your safety, and that’s why it’s a must wearing proper safety gear whenever you’re handling one of these tools.

Not wearing protective earplugs and being exposed to the noise of power tools for a longer period can affect your hearing badly, especially noises more than 85 dB, and the fact nails of the nail gun travel at the speed of 1400 fps (426.72 mps) and that’s frightening enough to convince you to wear the necessary clothing whenever using this tool.