Interesting Facts about High Visibility Work Wear

Due to the nature of many work environments like construction sites where the hazards are lurking around every corner, it’s vital for the workers to be properly protected. One very important aspect of said proper protection comes in the form of hi vis workwear. Here are some interesting facts that probably you didn’t know about this type of clothing.

Hi Vis Clothing Is More Than 50 Years Old

The use of high visibility jackets began in the UK in 1964. There these protective clothing items were they were by railway maintenance workers in Glasgow. Ever since then, the high vis jacket has become the standard when it comes to identifiable safety clothing.

They Can Save Lives

Workers who wear hi vis workwear can be seen instantly as this way they stand out easily. In fact, studies have shown that those who wear hi vis are identified three seconds faster than those who don’t wear this type of clothing. Vests and shirts with tapes are the usual choices as the reflective colours make the workers visible in poor daytime conditions like on a misty morning or when it’s dawning. Also in winter, as it is oftentimes gloomy, construction teams that work in low light and poor visibility conditions need to be wearing reflective clothing that reflects from all angles. Not doing so is a safety hazard that puts their lives at risk.

Each Colour Is Typically Used for a Different Purpose

Yellow is the most commonly used colour for hi vis clothes as it’s the brightest colour and because it offer great contrast in various environments. Orange is most often used at sea because it has the sharpest contrast against blue and grey. Pink is not seen in abundance in nature which is perfect for creating a stark contrast against many landscapes.

Size is Important

To be appropriate for the working conditions, reflective workwear must fit properly. For this purpose, the reflective panels are designed to outline the human form well. Doing this means that when you’re spotted, an oncoming driver will know that you are a person. If the clothes are too big or too long, they will sag or droop strangely so it may not be clear what is causing the reflection, thus defeating the purpose. Moreover, when on a construction site, loose material can grab or get snagged in machinery, and that can be very dangerous, fatal even.