Interesting Facts About Crown Reach Truck

A reach truck forklift is one of the fastest and most efficient forklifts that can be found on the market. This forklift type is widely used in warehouses and production facilities. Over the years, the reach forklift trucks have become a vital part of every warehouse and they have earned a reputation of being cost-effective machines that provide many advantages. One big advantage is their ability to operate in narrow aisles better than any other forklift truck. There are many brands on the market that offer reach truck models, but not all stand for reliability and quality.

Crown is one of the most reputable manufacturers of forklifts and other types of material handling equipment. The Crown reach truck forklift is one of the finest on the market, used all around the world. The range of Crown reach truck forklifts includes units which are capable to challenge the toughest material handling applications, and units for usual warehousing applications. All machines from Crown provide low operating costs and reliable performance. Here is a list of some interesting facts about the remarkable Crown reach truck forklifts. 


  • The Crown reach truck forklifts are designed to offer user-friendly and comfortable experience for the operators. With ergonomically designed controls and features, these forklifts ensure enjoyable and pleasant working experience. With these reach trucks, the operators can work long shifts without fatigue. 
  • In addition to their great visibility and comfort, the Crown reach truck forklifts are known for having the best designs. In fact, the company has won many awards for the design of its material handling machines. 
  • The users of Crown reach truck forklifts have said that these units are very fast. Some operators even compare them to sprint cars. Quiet, smooth and powerful operation, these reach trucks are everything an operator needs in a warehouse. 
  • Unlike some other reach truck forklifts, the Crown reach truck forklifts are capable to reach the highest rack positions in a warehouse. There is no height limitation for these units. 
  • Crown’s ESR 5200 reach truck series feature four models with moving masts and amazing capacities, features, performance packages and lift heights. 
  • The best thing is that every Crown reach truck is made from heavy-duty parts to provide a reliable and long service life, and to allow the operators to perform in tough environment and weather conditions.