Interesting Facts About Boom Cranes

The boom crane is one of the most commonly used lifting machines. In general, the boom cranes are versatile machines and they are number one choice for many lifting applications. Thanks to their features and extraordinary performance, the boom cranes are the perfect loading, lifting and handling solution for every construction site, dock or warehouse. These cranes are becoming more popular and heavily used in the transport, construction, and mining industry. By allowing operators to perform heavy lifts easily and with less effort, the boom cranes are ideal solution for various construction projects. boom-cranes-2

Here are some really interesting facts about the boom cranes you might didn’t know:

  • Cranes got their name by a bird called ‘crane’

Yes, that is right. The construction design of these machines is kike the body shape of the Crane birds. Their construction is like a long and tall neck.

  • The first boom cranes were used in ancient Egypt

This lifting machine was used for moving huge structures. That was about 4.000 years ago.

  • First boom cranes were powered by people and animals

Compared with the modern and high-tech boom cranes that are powered by fuel and batteries, the 19th century boom cranes were powered by human and animal physical force. Donkeys were the animals that were mostly used for this purpose.

  • The most used material for producing cranes is the steel

Although there is a wide range of boom cranes designed and produced with different materials, the steel remains the main material for crane construction, since it gives the crane that ‘awesome strength’.

  • The largest boom crane is the crawler crane

Also known as a Lattice Boom Crawler Crane, this giant machine looks like a tank and its weight reaches up to 2.000 tons. Further more, it has the capacity to reach heights up to 213.36 meters with a radius of 152.4 meters. Breath-taking, isn’t it?

  • Knuckle boom cranes are also called Hiab Cranes and Picker Cranes?

Don’t get confused, all these terms or names refer to the same type of boom crane – the Knuckle Boom Crane. This machine was named because of its boom type, which has two joints and can be folded down like the knuckles in your finger. What makes it different from the other types of boom cranes is that the boom of the knuckle boom crane articulates in the middle, which makes it ideal for horizontal lifting.