Interesting Facts About Yale’s Electric Pallet Jack

Yale is a company that has successfully managed to remain competitive on the market for over 150 years. Since designing its first lifting truck with tilting forks in 1920, Yale today offers a variety of durable and high-quality forklift trucks and other powerful machines. However, the top-selling product from Yale is the pallet jack. Yale’s pallet jacks are incredibly efficient, small and suitable for a variety of small lifting indoor applications. If you are looking for a pallet jack to increase your profits and save on transportation costs, Yale’s MPB045VG is the one you are looking for. Yale’s MPB045VG is the latest addition to its extensive product range and it offers a lot. Here are few interesting facts about this electric pallet jack:

Great Compatibility & Maneuverability – Yale’s MPB045VG electric pallet jack is a compact machine, designed to move pallets even in narrow and tight areas. It comes with short head length in-class and short chassis width. The maneuverability of this pallet jack is critical when loading a trailer or pin-wheeling. This electric pallet jack provides a top-notch maneuverability for both loading and unloading applications.


Even Pallet Jacks Can Be Smart – Because every new machine on the market is being equipped with smart technology, Yale has made no exceptions about its newest electric pallet jack. Yale included its patented Exclusive Smart Lift feature, which increases the productivity to a significant extent. This smart technology allows the operator to move a pallet before the machine reaches full lift. Another smart, but optional feature is the Slow Down technology, which slows down the pallet jack to ensure a stable and secure loading or unloading.

Durable As It Is Said To Be – Durability is one of the core values of Yale, so like many other units designed by Yale, the MPB045VG pallet jack is extremely durable. The drive unit cover is made from durable and flexible thermoplastic elastomer, making it highly resistant to chipping. Furthermore, the elastomer provides an incredible protection to the internal components. For increased stability, this electric pallet jack is equipped with a heavy-duty torsion bar and linkage.

Excellent Visibility – The operator needs to have excellent visibility when a pallet jack is being used. The operator should have a clear view of the forks, whether for loading or unloading applications. Yale’s MPB045VG is designed to meet the operator’s needs, in terms of visibility, safety and stability.