How To Treat Fleas On Cats

When you have a cat, you need to be equipped with more than just the basic pet supplies to show love and care for your furry friend. At some point, you’ll need to deal with fleas, which are a natural part of life with a cat. Failing to keep your cat’s flea treatment up to date is likely to result in an unhappy, itchy kitty and it can also result in an infestation breaking out in your home. Fortunately, there are various practical measures you can take to save your pet and your home from these irritating pests, starting with effective flea treatment for cats.

The two most common treatments used to treat fleas in cats are spot-on flea treatments and cat flea tablets.

Spot-On Flea Treatments

Spot-on flea treatments are not only easy to use but are also an effective way to remove fleas on your cat and protect them from fleas. Most spot-on treatments available on the market are monthly spot-on products that you simply drop onto the skin on the back of your cat’s neck and the base of the skill. The product then releases the active ingredient through your cat’s skin, protecting their body from nose to tail for up to 28 days. This type of treatment kills fleas through contact, which means the fleas don’t have to bite your pet to be killed. This helps prevent your cat from suffering the irritation of flea bites and it can also provide relief for cats affected by a skin allergy caused by flea saliva.

cat flea treatment

Cat Flea Tablets

Cats with sensitive skin usually can’t tolerate spot-on treatments. If your cat has had a focal hair loss related to the application of a topical product or a severe flea-related allergy, tablets for cat fleas are the way to go. If you are wondering do flea tablets for cats work, you’ll be happy to learn that they contain an active ingredient called spinosad, which starts to work within 30 minutes and kills 98% of adult fleas on cats within four hours.

Because the active ingredients are active in the bloodstream, they stimulate the fleas to bite the pet before they are killed. Some of the cat flea tablets available on the market protect cats against fleas for an entire month. However, these tablets are often not safe for kittens younger than 14 weeks. Still, there are tablets safe for kittens as young as 4 weeks. Although both of these treatments are effective against fleas, you may want to ask your veterinarian to recommend the best option for your pet. Your veterinarian will ensure you get your cat on the correct treatment plan.

cat flea tablets

To treat your home for fleas, you’ll need to regularly vacuum your floors, your furniture and your skirting boards to eliminate fleas at every stage of their life-cycle. Once you’re done with the vacuuming, dispose of the dust bag. You will need to use flea treatment for your home as well, which will usually be in the form of a spray to apply to the various parts of your home where fleas might lurk. Keep in mind that this kind of flea treatment can be mildly toxic for cats, so to prevent illness, treat your house one room at a time.

While medications are an effective way to kill fleas, some people decide to adopt the natural approach of using essential oils to combat fleas. Some pets develop adverse reactions to topical and oral flea medications, particularly after a long course of treatment. Skin irritation and vomiting are some of the risks that come with these medications.

Proper use of therapeutic essential oils, though, eliminates those risks. Moreover, essential oils don’t just repeal fleas. They also help ease the itching and scratching that cats suffer after being bitten and their antiseptic properties help bites and self-inflicted scratches to heal. However, it’s important to choose the right therapeutic essential oils for the purpose. Take a look at the following essential oils that repel and kill fleas.

Cedar Oil to Kill and Repel Fleas

cedarwood oil

This essential oil is known as the go-to repellent for pets. It’s a very effective flea and tick oil that can be used in your cat and in your home. Dilute a few drops of cedar oil to a carrier oil (jojoba oil or coconut oil) and spray on your cat’s skin to kill existing fleas and prevent new ones from landing and biting. The oil can also be used in a diffuser to protect the interior of your home or with a garden hose spray to rid your garden of fleas.

Lavender Oils to Repeal Fleas

The aroma of lavender essential oil is known to repel ticks and also make it quite impossible for the eggs of these troublesome pets to hatch. The oil also helps calm the skin of your cat and keep it away from infection. Include about 5 drops of undiluted lavender essential oil in your cat’s shampoo. Diffusing lavender oil in our home will also help keep the fleas and ticks at bay.

lavender oils

Peppermint Oil to Terminate Flea Larvae

Unlike the other essential oils, peppermint oil doesn’t kill or repel fleas – it helps terminate flea larvae. Peppermint oil has also the ability to relieve the skin of certain unpleasant conditions that comes with flea bites such as skin irritation and inflammation. Apply a moderate amount of peppermint oil on the affected area to help your cat recover.