A Guide to the Different Types of Dog Beds: Your Pet Needs Downtime Too

Much like humans, dogs need a place where they can unwind after playtime or snuggle just before bedtime. You may think it’s a good idea for your dog to sleep with you in your bed, but that can actually hurt them.

Besides getting your home ready for your furry friend and adapting your space to them, buying an ergonomic bed is the best thing you can do. Nowadays, there are many different types of beds you can choose from depending on your dog’s needs and size.

What Type of Bed Is Best for Dogs?

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Dogs can spend 12-18 hours of sleep during the day. This is why choosing high-quality and durable dog bedding is essential to their health and overall well-being. Based on the specific needs of your pet, there are many types of beds you can go for.

Memory Foam Bed

One of the greatest options you can go for is a memory foam bed. It adapts to the dog’s body type and reduces any pressure brought on by strained muscles and joints.

These aches typically affect older dogs because as they age, they’re sustainable to illnesses such as hip dysplasia and arthritis that can greatly affect them. These problems can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, but the memory foam bed aids in pain relief by preserving the body’s natural alignment.

Additionally, memory foam promotes blood flow. For dogs who have recently undergone surgery or who are injured, this means a quicker recovery period. All dogs like to lie on soft surfaces, thus this bed will be a comfortable and secure area for them to snooze. This can be a great friend to dogs with thicker fur such as Bernese, Samoyed, Chow Chow or Alaskan Malamute.

The memory foam controls the temperature to match the dog and eliminates overheating. Plus, they have an easy maintenance and cleaning procedure. You can add them to the washing machine and let them dry out in the open. Don’t put them into the dryer because they might get damaged.

Vet Bed

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Vet beds are a cutting-edge discovery that offers your pet extraordinary comfort. They can be placed in veterinary offices, homes, and even outdoors. They have the ability to help sick animals and that’s their best quality. Your dog will sit in the most enjoyable way regardless of where you are.

They provide a pleasant and safe haven for relaxation and fun. Although it looks plush, this bed is actually incredibly sturdy and resilient. Your pet will have a favourite place to lounge in it whether you place it on hardwood or tile flooring, at the park or in the car.

If you have small puppies, this is the ideal bed because it’ll keep them warm and dry. For keeping puppies warm and dry, this bed type is ideal. It’s excellent for elderly animals that are recovering from surgery or receiving preoperative treatment.

Additionally, it’s among the best methods for when dogs are giving birth. The mother will feel secure, the kids will have room to move around and be protected from overheating. Plus, it can be a great sleeping alternative for other pets, such as guinea pigs, cats, hamsters and even rabbits.

This kind of dog bedding is manufactured with double-strength polyester which is great for maintenance. It washes and dries easily, in addition to being non-allergenic. This means no more bacteria, germs and fungi around your dog.

It’s toxin-free and very soft and the double-woven pattern prevents your dog from making a mess when chewing it. At the bottom, there’s usually a latex layer that prevents movement and slipping. This way your fluffy friend can stay in one place until you decide to change its position.

Elevated Dog Bed

Although it may appear weird and very simple, this bed is anything but that. It’s really useful and practical for your dog and yourself. Usually, veterinarians recommend it for sick or injured dogs, but you may buy it for any dog breed. It is suitable at any time of year because of its elevation, which enables air to circulate beneath it and produce a comfortable, natural body temperature.

The solid support provided by this bed will make the dog’s body feel less stiff or sore. Its mobility is among its best traits. You can use it at home, at work, or even in the nearby park when you go for a picnic or a walk. You can even store it in the car when you go on vacation.

Another great feature is its maintenance and cleaning process, you can just wipe it with a wet towel and it’s good to go. Plus, it’s great for people with allergies, because it doesn’t hold any dust or pollen.

Cave Bed

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Dogs oftentimes like to curl up on top of a blanket because this way they feel safe. Buying a cave bed can help in this situation. Because it helps them feel secure, many dogs prefer to lay on top of a blanket stack. Consequently, acquiring a cave bed is a smart move.

The majority of cave beds have high, borders that the pup may dive under. This is beneficial for young puppies that were taken away from their family and greatly miss their litter. The bed will mimic their warmth and closeness.

There are situations where there are a lot of things happening around dogs and they feel stressed and anxious. When the house is full of people, when there’s a storm outside or when they’re feeling lonely, they can sneak into the bed and it’ll act as a comforter. This way you’ll be sure it won’t make a mess around the house when it’s scared. It’ll be the perfect spot for your dog to hide, rest, enjoy and feel comfortable at the same time.

Orthopedic Bed

When you look at all of the options for dog beds you have on the market, you might feel confused and overwhelmed, but one thing’s for sure, buying an orthopedic bed is always a good idea. Every dog, regardless of breed, age, or health condition, will benefit greatly from having one.

If you have an elderly dog, this bed will relieve joint or muscle pain. If it has arthritis or hip dysplasia this will be their perfect layer. The orthopedic bed is also good for dogs that move around a lot such as service dogs or small puppies.

Your dog will get a good night’s sleep in this orthopedic bed. There won’t be any more tossing and turning because it’ll support its body and relieve any pressure points. Furthermore, it improves blood circulation. This bed is made with memory foam only. Everything else that is marketed as orthopaedic is false. So, use caution while choosing what and where to buy.