Interesting Facts About Fish and the Basic Aquarium Supplies to Keep Them Happy

Having a home aquarium is fun regardless of your age. Once you learn the basics of fish care, you will discover a whole new world. And as time goes by, you will discover new species of fish you may want to have or your fish to reproduce with. However, before you get a home aquarium, you need to be familiar with its basics and know how to care of it.

In order to keep your aquarium safe for its inhabitants, you will need certain aquarium supplies.

  • Filtration system – to remove excess waste, food, and other floating particles.
  • Air pump – for proper functioning of the fish tank.
  • Test Kit – to maintain the chemical balance of the water.
  • Plants – to create a happy environment for the fish.
  • Lights – to provide energy to both plants and fishes.
  • Heather to monitor water temperature.

Before you buy your aquarium supplies it is important to decide if you want a fresh or saltwater aquarium, as different fish require a different type of equipment. Once you get everything you need, spending about thirty minutes on aquarium maintenance every other week will help prevent problems. In today’s blog post, I’ll share with you some interesting facts about fish.

Fish Do Drink Water

Do fish drink the water that they are swimming in? The answer is, yes, they do. Both freshwater and saltwater fish drink water in order to equalize their bodies to their surrounding. Freshwater fish live in water that is less salty than what is found inside their bodies, so they need to intake small amounts of water through their tissues. As for saltwater fish, the water they live in contains larger amounts of salt than what is found inside their bodies, so they need to take in large amounts in order to survive.

Fish Do Rest

Home aquarium owners tend to create an ambiance with lighting to help their fish to rest. Since fish do not have eyelids as we do, many wonder how fish sleep especially during those low-light tank times. Fish sleep when they reduce their activity and metabolic rates and float in a spot like dancing seaweed. For that, they seek out a safe spot, like among corals, to be still and quiet for some time. This procedure helps fish to reduce stress. However, even in their quiet times, fish are always on the lookout and ready should danger or predators approach.

Fish Acting Funny Has a Meaning

If you see a fish acting funny like fluttering its fins or quivering and shaking in front of another fish, this is their defensive behavior. In some cases, fish can show submission as well. They may either lie on their sides when another fish comes towards them, or they float motionless in a heads-up position. If you see a fish scratching its head on a piece of coral, it is just a way to help remove clotted salt from its gills. Fish digging in the gravel? It is their natural instinct for building a home.