Hallway Console Tables: Set up Your Entry for a Stunning Welcome


When planning the design scheme of your living space, high-traffic areas often get very little attention since all the focus is on main areas such as the living room, bedroom and dining room. One such area that is often overlooked, but in fact provides many design opportunities, is the hallway. When designed right, the hallway can set the ambience for a stunning welcome. You would want to create a space that makes your guests stop for a while and admire the dazzling interior design. The design trick when planning the look of your hallway is to create something that will not only reflect your personal style, but will also compliment the design theme of the entire home.

A well-designed room is one that has a unique and elegant focal point, and when it comes to the hallway – it is reigned by hallway console tables. With the right hallway table you can easily create an inviting design moment that will make your guests feel welcomed as soon as they enter your home. Material and style are the most important features to keep in mind when deciding what kind of hallway console tables would work best in your space.

In terms of durability and aesthetics, nothing beats the timeless appeal of wood which can instantly infuse the space with a dose of elegance. Wooden hallway tables have a simple yet sophisticated design that can compliment any home setting and often come with drawers that provide extra storage for all your essential bits and pieces that you need right before you head out the door.


Sharing the top spot for durability and sturdy design with wooden models, metal tables can be a nice addition to your home, but when it comes to achieving a put-together look they can be a bit tricky. The main reason for this is their unique design that reflects raw industrial vibes which would certainly not work well in more traditional home settings. A metal console table would best suit a home where the urban industrial style prevails.

Last, but not least we have the charming glass console table, which looks so simple yet at the same time can serve as the ideal piece for creating a one-of-a-kind design moment. With their modern design that creates the illusion of a floating furniture piece, glass tables certainly look futuristic, all while being highly functional and elegant. As a result, they can compliment any interior design but are best suited for modern hallways where every detail is combined to create a unique look worthy of admiration.