How to Choose the Right Bed for Your Cat

If you have a cat, we don’t need to tell you that cats love to sleep a lot. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average time a cat spends sleeping is from 16-20 hours a day. So, it makes sense that providing a cosy sleeping environment for your feline friend should be considered a priority. And, what’s a better way to show the love and care you have for your furry friends than giving them the ultimate comfort and buying for them a bed where they can sleep, cuddle and rest.

The market abounds with so many different kinds of shapes and designs of beds for cats. Therefore, considering some important factors is crucial when choosing the right sleeping spot for them. But, before we jump into the different aspects you need to consider before making your purchase, let’s look at some of the best cat beds that can be found on the market today.

cats close to their cube beds

Some of the Best Cat Bed Designs

You know your cat the best. Does she prefer more to cuddle over playing with you? Does she tend to sleep in places that there is not much light and noise? Well, these are just some of the cues that should help you pick up a bed that suits your cat’s personality the best.

Cat Cube Bed

The cave style or more commonly referred to as a cat cube bed offers the best of both worlds at the same time as it can work both as a covered hideaway and when folded down creates a flatbed surface with extra padding.

cube bed

You can easily find a cat cube bed that’s not only stylish, but it also comes with a fun pom pom accessory. Your feisty cat can feel like a king lying on top of the kitty cube bed, but even if she’s shy, this bed can offer the perfect secluded place where she can feel snug and secure.

Donut Cuddler Cat Bed

What about self-warming donut cuddler beds? This round donut-shaped cozy bed will make your cat feel surrounded by warmth and security all the time. This bed offers the perfect head and neck support which helps to alleviate anxiety in cats. Made from soft shag fur with a water-resistant nylon bottom, this orthopedic cat bed would be the real treat for cats who love to cuddle and sleep curled up in their beds. You can give your cat the ultimate comfort and love it deserves by choosing a design that will provide a cozy and soft spot to rest.

Warming Kitty Hut Bed

cat laying in bed

The warming kitty hut bed features a cute design with self-warming insulation material which is sewn right into the bed’s sleeping surface. It is a great cave-shaped bed for cats that need an extra bit of privacy and comfort. Besides, it’s a machine washable bed, which makes it easy for maintenance.

Features to Consider Before Choosing a Bed For Your Cat

Consider the Bed Size and Shape

As already mentioned cat beds come in various shapes and sizes from cat cube bed, donut-shaped, and in some other playful and delicious food shapes, such as the hamburger-shaped ones. However, the size and shape you choose will mostly depend on your cat’s size and sleeping position.

For instance, if you own a small kitten you should choose a smart design such as heart-shaped with deep walls that provide warmth, comfort, and enough support. It is always good to look for a bit of extra bedding space for large breeds, which provides extra room for napping and comfortability.


Choosing the right material for your cat bed is another important feature to keep in mind. As some cats can be allergic to certain materials you should be cautious to pick material that will not feels irritable and uncomfortable for the cat’s skin. Among the many types of materials, faux fur and fleece are the most popular choices.

Heating and Comfortability

cat bed on the table

If you live in a colder climate with harsh winters you may need to think about buying a heated bed for your cat. Heated cat beds are thermostatically controlled to automatically respond to temperature changes to the cat’s body temperature. This bed provides enough warmth and will make your cats snuggle hours even more comfortable without fearing them getting cold. Most of them feature a removable heater that can be stored in the warmer months of the year.


Fortunately, most cat beds are machine washable and require low maintenance. As most beds have removable outer covers this makes the cleaning process a breeze. Regular washing at low temperatures will keep them in good condition for much longer and will help reduce the spread of bacteria and odour that may get accumulated over time.