Interesting Facts About Dogs Treats

Let’s face it, we all love snacks foods, and dogs are no exception. Chewing on things is a natural and beneficial way for them to keep their pearly whites healthy, so instead of letting them chew anything that comes in their way, you can treat them with some edible alternatives. Biscuits are the main and most popular type of treats people opt to give their dogs, however, nowadays there is another type of treat that beats them and that is pig ears for dogs.

This inexpensive and savoury treat can really give you the best of both worlds which is a fatter wallet and a happy pup. And now, let’s get more to the point of explaining what these treats actually are. Natural pig ears for dogs are naturally dried ears from pigs that dogs find extremely delicious. When processed and dried the right way, pigs ears are quite tasty, chewy and easily digestible which means they are great for smaller puppies as well. Except for being tasty, pigs ears are also pretty healthy for your dog as they are a natural source of several essential minerals and simple fats and can keep their teeth clean.

The process of making these natural and sweet treats is pretty simple. The fresh ears go through water boiling for about 30 seconds and then are put into ice cold water and after that, they must be dried and dehydrated. Some manufacturers add a little bit of flavouring to make them more appealing to dogs, which is really an optional thing as dogs adore them with or without added flavour.

Now let’s go through some fun facts about dog treats you have probably never heard of.

– According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), in 1925 ‘dog biscuits’ was a military slang for army mattresses.
– Before dog biscuits, ‘dog’s bread’ was the term people have used for dogs snacks.
– Dog biscuits were introduced to the world in 1860 by James Pratt who was electrical and lighting rod salesman from Ohio.
– The world’s biggest dog biscuit was made in the USA in 2011 and was 579cm long and 115cm wide and it weighed 279kg.
– Just as they are good for us, apples are also great for dogs as they can improve their overall health, and they can satisfy their need to chew while providing them with pectin. This is important for removing any toxins from the intestinal tract, for strengthening the intestinal muscles and for removing harmful bacterias.
– Doggy chocolates are a great snack for dogs as the carob that is found in them can help eliminate toxins, improve digestion and lower the cholesterol. However, you should reduce the size of their regular meal evenly, as balance is the key.
– Soy milk is great for dogs as it is lactose-free, meaning that it won’t give your dog/s any tummy problems.