Comfort for Mums: 10 Pregnancy Essentials for a Better Experience

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience… If you don’t consider some of the major hormonal shifts as well as gaining weight, exhaustion, etc. that come along with the journey.

While all mums can agree that carrying a new life is truly a blessing, we all need some extra support for our pregnancy to be a comfortable experience. With the many body changes that happen, we are likely uncomfortable in our new bodies. For that reason, there are plenty of products that can perfectly fit and support this new shape that a woman gets during pregnancy.

So, for all pregnant ladies out there who are having a hard time adjusting to their new circumstances, here are some pregnancy essentials that can make things easier.

A Supportive Bra

picture of a pregnent woman holding supportive maternity bra

When you’re carrying, your breasts will become more sensitive and bigger, requiring a more supportive and bigger-sized bra. This is a natural process because they are preparing for the breastfeeding of your baby.

Since your regular bra will no longer fit and be comfortable, a new supportive bra made of cotton is something that you should have in your closet. If a regular bra isn’t something you would opt for, then you can get yourself a crop top bra.

Ice and Cotton Breast Pads

This is another thing that can help your growing breasts. Regular cotton bra pads are something that will come in handy, especially in the third trimester. At this point, your breasts may start leaking some milk and for this purpose, you can place your bra pads in your supportive bra. You will use these cotton bra pads postpartum as well.

Ice pads, on the other hand, can help soothe your breasts if you feel soreness. You can also continue to use them during breastfeeding for blocked milk ducts, engorgement, etc.

Prenatal Vitamins

picture of a pregnant woman using prenatal vitamins

For keeping yourself and your baby healthy, your body needs to get all the right vitamins and minerals. In order to make sure you are getting the daily amount of vitamins needed, in addition to a healthy diet, you should take a specially designed prenatal vitamin. Make sure that you are taking a prenatal vitamin whenever you start planning your pregnancy, as well as after you give birth to support your body during breastfeeding.

Ice Perineum Strips

The stress on the perineum area is most evident during the third trimester and postpartum. In fact, as the baby grows, you will feel a lot of discomfort, weight and pressure directly on your perineum. Some women may feel soreness in this part and also have haemorrhoids. To soothe the pain which comes with it, the ice perineum strips will relieve the pain.

Sitz Soak

picture of a Postpartum Sitz Soak

While sitz soaks can be very beneficial for the postpartum period, if you use them while pregnant, they can help prevent any significant tears or episiotomies after vaginal birth. This is because they reduce the pressure on the perineum and haemorrhoids while carrying. Sitz soaks can offer temporary relief and be quite soothing during pregnancy.

Supportive Belly Band

Back pain is also quite common in expecting mothers because of the pressure and weight of the belly. For that reason using a supportive belly band will provide relief and comfort in both the lower back and the lower belly. Most of the supportive belly bands are made out of elastic material and cotton in order to provide support and also let your skin breathe.

Maternity Support Belt

A maternity support belt can be a great addition to the supportive belly band. If you have pressure on your back, spine or pelvis, especially during the third semester of pregnancy, you can use a maternity support belt which will provide support in the lower part of your belly. This type of support belt looks like a pair of hands holding up your belly, and it will feel just like that.

Pregnancy Pillow

picture of pregnancy pillow

The changes in the body can make sleeping difficult. That’s the reason why a comfortable bed and a pregnancy pillow are a must. A flexible pillow will help you take a comfortable position and get a restful and good night’s sleep. Later on, the pillow can be used for your newborn, as a helpful tool during breastfeeding, etc.

Maternity Tights

Special maternity tights might be a comfortable thing to wear during this time. They are made to provide support to your belly while letting your skin breathe and offering you some extra comfort. You can have two or three pairs, just so you can be equipped throughout the whole time.

Body Butter or Body Oil for Stretch Marks

picture of pregnant woman using body cream

The growing belly won’t only require a different set of clothes and belly bands for support, but also regular application of body butter or body oil to keep the skin elastic. Prevention is best when it comes to stretch marks because if they appear, it is very difficult to erase them. Other than using body butter and oil to keep your skin soft, you should drink a lot of water, avoid caffeine because it can dehydrate your skin, and keep a balanced diet.

To Sum Up

Getting the right products beforehand will make pregnancy a more enjoyable journey. While we know that some symptoms, such as mood swings, gaining weight, skin issues and exhaustion cannot be avoided, certain products can offer amazing support and comfort. So, for all would-be mums out there, I hope the pregnancy essentials on the list will make this special period a lot easier for you!