Timeless Appeal: The Benefits of Using Canvas Landscape Art

Many people associate photography mainly with the classic glossy photographs placed in frames sitting on a desk or hanging on a wall. This is one way to display your memories and achievements. But, you can also print your photographs on canvas. You can display them as large as you want, making them look as priceless masterpieces that are even museum-worthy. One special type that can easily find its place in every room is the landscape canvas print.

Why Choose Landscape Canvas Prints

  • Timeless Beauty – These don’t go out of style and are sure to bring beauty and charm to your place for many years to come.
  • Breath of Nature – In many cases, people find it difficult to find enough time to properly connect with nature. It can be due to the busy life in the city, or simply because they don’t live in a place surrounded by nature. Well, you can take a moment or two of your day, sit in front of your landscape canvas prints and you will feel as if you are transported to a place where the sun seems closer and brighter, the mountains seem greener and the air smells cleaner. It is as having Mother Nature in your own home.
  • Calming Influence – Art has the ability to calm you and bring more peace to your home. Looking at a quiet winter scene, a lovely beach, or some beautiful flowers can make you feel uplifted every single day.

How to Hang Landscape Canvas Prints

Regardless of whether you are using one larger piece of canvas art, or a few smaller ones, deciding on where to place them can be a bit tricky. But, here’s what you can do.

If you own a fireplace, it is important you know that it’s the focal point of the room. When placing art pieces over a fireplace it’s recommended that you group them as to match the size of the fireplace opening. You can either go with one larger piece or a few smaller pieces that complement each other and make a unit.

In order to avoid mistakes, prior to actually hanging the pieces, you can lay them on the floor and decide on the arrangement before putting nails into the wall. Another method that many find useful is placing the pieces on a large kraft paper. Then you need to trace around each art piece and mark the points where they’ll be hanging. Lastly, tape the paper on the wall and you will be able to see the layout and start hammering. For the narrower walls in your home, opt for smaller canvas pieces, and for the big walls, go for larger ones which you can also complement with additional smaller pieces.