A Guide to Clipsal Switches and Power Points: Where Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Looking for ways to add the final touches to your home remodelling or renovation project? How about considering new sockets and switches? These will not only fit into the new aesthetic and revised layouts but also add some peace of mind. Getting rid of old connection points means no nasty surprises when turning lights or appliances on or off. And even if you’re not a self-proclaimed DIY-er, this is a job almost anyone can do. 
Functional, safe, and stylish sockets and switches are available at reasonable prices from a range of different suppliers. If you want something homegrown, then consider the iconic local brand that is Clipsal. They’ve been around for almost a century, and produce a range of electrical supplies for home, commercial and industrial use. Renowned for its innovation and cutting-edge solutions, Clipsal also has the basics covered. 
Featuring in many Australian homes are the Clipsal Classic C2000 series of powerpoints and switches, and a mainstay in their product lineup for over two decades. What sets the 2000 series apart from competing socket and switch lines is their unique grid assembly and surrounds and covers in varying colours to match any decor in any room and any home. 

Clipsal Switch, Australian Socket.
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Why the Clipsal C2000 Series for Your Home? 

The range consists of switches and power points in the standard or architrave sizes and comes in single, double, or switches and sockets with more poles. Flexibility is one of the range’s highlights with automatic switches, dimmers, fan speed controllers, waterproof switches, and TV and phone connections. This is complemented by neons, extra switches, and safety shutters for added functionality, visual appeal, and increased safety. Both powerpoints and switches in the Clipsal C2000 Series can be optioned in a horizontal or vertical orientation. 
With the simple, yet elegant designs of surrounds and cover plates which are also easy to remove when decorating, adding wallpaper or painting, there are no exposed eyesores in the form of exposed mounting screws, but a flush neat look. 

Clipsal C2000 Switches

Coming in standard sizes with up to six separate switches, these can be optioned in both horizontal and vertical formats. Architrave variants consist of 1 to 4 switches. The grid plates are impact-resistant and will stand up to abuse, whereas the range of different colours and finishes and the choice of decorative surrounds match any of your remodelling and decorating needs. Colours range from standard white, black, and grey to unique tones of red, brown, beige, or nutmeg switches. Cover plates come in the standard or brushed aluminium look. And there’s more choice with the decorative surrounds, optioned in a variety of metallic looks, from gunmetal or gold to brushed brass and chrome among other varieties. 
The switches in the Clipsal Classic C2000 range come in the standard voltage and amperage ratings (250VAC and 10A, respectively) in the popular rocker variety and flush mount. 

Clipsal C2000 Power Points

These are available in single, double, and automatically switched variants. Double power points are one of the products upon which the company built its reputation. All power points come as either vertical or horizontal mounted options, in a range of layouts, and some with the extra switch for additional safety. Go for waterproof power points in bathrooms and kitchens, and safety shutters to prevent accidental contact with live terminals. Functionality and safety are further improved with power points having neon illumination. 
There’s also the choice between surface and flush mount sockets depending on your needs. And when connecting TVs, computers, speakers,  and phones look for the company’s C2000 series communications outlet plates to complete the look. 

Australian Socket Outlet.
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Other Products in the Classic Range

Within the Classic C2000, you’ll also see timers, safety switches, surge protectors, dimmers, and fan controllers. Bathroom lights and fans can be safely turned off even when forgotten with the appropriate timers, a power-saving feature you’ll come to admire. The same is evident in dimmers, which let control the light levels for any occasion, be it a movie or a romantic dinner. If you need additional safety, look for surge-protected power points and safety switches to protect loved ones and expensive appliances and devices in the event of an electrical fault. Fan controllers let you adjust the airflow of ceiling fans or exhaust fans. 
If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Classic Series, then have a look at what’s on offer in the Clipsal Prestige P2000, Slimline SC2000, Eclipse SC2000, and the Neo series. 

When’s the Right (and Safe) Time to Change Power Points and Switches

Switches that are hot to the touch, singing out weird sounds while on, and lights that are dim or late to turn on are sure signs that the switches need replacing. The issues can be with the wiring or connections and can cause severe injuries if not fixed on time. Besides the risk of electrocution, you’ll also want to avoid sparks and potential electrical fires. 
Sockets and power points can show similar signs of wear. Discoloured and hot sockets, grinding and buzzing noises, burning smells, blown fuses, and appliance plugs hard to connect or falling out are when to swap them out. 
Shopping for power points and sockets in the Clipsal ranges offers safe, reliable, and durable products that also won’t look out of place in rooms and homes that have undergone extensive renovations or remodelling. To boot, the products are inexpensive and widely available.