Hair Replacement Treatment Facts

Today many people worldwide suffer from hair loss, and the number is continuously growing. They are all looking for the best possible solutions to replace or restore their lost or damaged hair. With all the improvements made in the cosmetic industry, many new hair replacement treatments are available today. Instead of spending lots of money on expensive surgical treatment, there are less expensive hair loss treatments that have proved satisfying results. Some of the most common hair loss treatments include full wig, hair piece, toupee and hair extensions. In addition, here are few hair replacement treatment facts you may want to know.


  • In the early 90s, real hair extensions were a luxury and only those who had lots of money were able to afford them.
  • In the past, the Victorians were known for using wigs and hair extensions. Back in 1873, Britain imported 102 tons of human hair from France. Both women and men wore hair extensions as a sign of wealth and beauty.
  • There is a historical evidence that hair extensions made from natural human hair were widely used as cosmetic adornments by the ancient Egyptians.
  • Using hair extension, wigs and hair pieces as a hair loss replacement treatment can be a great solution because they are easy to use and do not cause pain. These are considered as the perfect solution for most people who suffer from hair loss.
  • These solutions will save you money, because they are less expensive when compared with surgical and other hair loss treatments.
  • With many new and improved techniques in the beauty industry, you can find sophisticated wigs online. There are new ways for using wigs. The wig can be firmly attached to the scalp and people can use it anywhere, even when swimming or exercising.
  • If you use hair extensions as a hair replacement option, you should know that if they are attached and removed properly, your natural hair will not be damaged.
  • Thanks to the new and innovative techniques, you can swim, take a shower, and go out on rainy or windy days with your hair extensions.
  • When properly attached, hair extensions look natural and are unnoticeable.