Fun Facts about Shoes that Will Blow Your Mind

Leather Shoe For Ladies
Who doesn’t love a gorgeous pair of shoes? If you’re anything like me, you probably never pass on a chance to get a new pair. And you probably have enough shoes to borrow to your entire neighbourhood. It’s true, most of us gals are obsessed with shoes – or more precisely – with the fashion statement that they can make. But what do we really know about these loveys? I, for one, know that I look good in them – what more is there to know? Well, it turns out the history of shoes can be just as much captivating as a new collection by Jimmy Choo.

They’ve Been Around for Most of Human History

Woman Wearing Leather SHoes
Believe it or not, the favorite part of your outfit was invented 40 000 years ago! In fact, it’s one of the first inventions humans ever made. In pursuit of food and shelter, our ancestors had to invent some way to protect their feet from rocks, burning sand, and tough terrain over which they had to walk. Archaeological evidence shows that footwear first appeared in the middle Palaeolithic period. But it was in the upper Palaeolithic period that shoes became widely worn. The first type of shoes invented was made of leather and looked similar to moccasins.

The First Ladies Leather Boots

While humans had shoes for thousands of years, the first boots appeared as late as the 19th century. And they were specially designed for no one other than Queen Victoria in 1840. Although boots were considered a popular type of footwear for women in the 19th century, it was in the 1960s that the leather shoe for ladies became a fashion trend. And ever since, the leather shoe for ladies is an essential staple of their winter wardrobe.

Men Were the First to Wear High Heels

Although heels are the favourite type of shoe for women, it was, in fact, men who first wore them. In the 10th century, men who rode horses needed a special type of footwear that made it easier to stay in stirrups. This problem was solved by the invention of heels. Since owning horses was a symbol of wealth, heels were considered a symbol of aristocracy and social class, not gender.

Platform Shoes Were Invented by the Greeks

You can thank the Ancient Greeks for the fact that you can easily make yourself taller by wearing platform shoes. During staged plays in Ancient Greece, costumes were used to identify the different characters. In order to put attention on the main characters in tragic plays, the actors who played them had to wear shoes called “buskins”, or raised platform shoes. This made them appear superior to the other characters who often wore only plain socks.