Few Facts About Thierry Mugler Perfume


Thierry Mugler is a French designer who started his career at the age of 24. He decided to move to Paris and start his career as a freelance designer for a large fashion houses. Thanks to his talent, he was able to create his first clothing line ”Cafe de Paris”, that is said to be one of his most sophisticated and urban collections ever designed. By 1990s, Mugler became internationally recognized for his creations and soon got interested in the world of fragrances. As was the case with his clothing line, Thierry Mugler perfume line also became quickly popular among women. Every Thierry Mugler perfume is worth the money, because of heavenly mixture of the right notes. If you want to make statement or stand out in a crowd, make sure you buy Thierry Mugler perfume online Australia sites for affordable price. Here are few more facts about Thierry Mugler perfume line.

  • The first Thierry Mugler perfume, Angel was launched in 1992. This voluptuous and oriental fragrance made a boom in the fashion world. The whole collection amazes with unique bottles that resemble dazzling stars.
  • It is interesting to know that Thierry Mugler perfume is considered to be the first oriental fragrance presented on the market. Lovers of oriental notes would definitely find Thierry Mugler perfume a nice complement to their collection of oriental fragrances.
  • What makes Angel perfume so amazing, is its notes of bergamot, helional, vanilla, chocolate, caramel and patchouli that mixed together give fantastic, mind-blowing smell, no one can stay indifferent to.
  • The star shaped bottle of the Angel was created by the Brosse Master Glassmakers. Beside the unusual notes used to create this popular perfume, Thierry decided to surprise his fans with a beautiful packaging as well. He chose to make the bottle of this Thierry Mugler perfume refillable, since it was to beautiful and expensive to throw away.
  • The male version of Thierry Mugler perfume Angel followed in 1996, and was named Angel Men or A*Men. This number one perfume for men features notes of caramel, coffee, vanilla, honey and few other heavenly notes that make people turn.
  • The second most popular Thierry Mugler perfume, Alien followed in 2005.
  • The Thierry Mugler perfume Alien is the favorite fragrance of the singer Harry from the popular English-Irish pop band, One Direction.