The Truth About Australian Spending Habits


The Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported that the consumer spending in Australia has increased from $205,507 million in the second quarter to $206,326 million in the third quarter of 2013. The Australians have different habits when it comes to spending. They are 45 percent more likely to use their credit cards when purchasing goods at retail stores than when grocery shopping at supermarkets. Last year, the Australian consumers shopped for groceries more than once a week and spent around $60- $70 each time. Furthermore, each Aussie last year spent around $4000 in the supermarket. The following text will reveal some fascinating facts about the spending habits of the Australians.

  • By the end of 2014, the Australian households will spend around $650 billion in total on general living costs like: food, beverages, cars, petrol, hairdressing saloon Melbourne, technology gadgets, fashion and clothing, recreation, holidays and etc.
  • When it comes to food, the Aussies are definitely meat lovers. Each year they spend around $11.5 billion on meat, when compared with $2.5 billion spent on sea food and other types of meals.
  • One fascinating fact is that Australians spend more money on alcohol than they do on tea or coffee. The statistics show that annually around $14 billion are spent on alcohol, while only $1 billion is spent on coffee and tea products.
  • From all the regions in Australia, the residents of Tasmania spend around $20 cents per week on perfumes, while those who live in Victoria spend around $80 cents. The Northern Territory spends the most, around $1.20 cents on perfumes weekly. The most selling perfumes for the past 2013 were: the Britney Spears perfume and the Thierry Mugler perfume.
  • It has been reported that on average, one out of ten Australian women is a beauty junkie who spends around $5000 annually at spas, cosmetic and hairdressing saloon Melbourne for various skin and hair treatments. The most visited saloons over the past 2013 were the hairdressing saloons in Melbourne and Sydney. In total, typical Australian woman spends around $8 billion on beauty services and only $2 billion on educational services.
  • The South Australians are the most patriotic citizens because they spend less when it comes to overseas holidays, around $6- $7 per week.
  • The Queenslanders spend the most, out of all other regions, on dental services – around $10 per week.
  • New South Wales spends around $3 per week on movies, while the Tasmanians only $1.5 per week.
  • When it comes to the average weekly household costs, the numbers are quite different. More money is spend on animal care ($11), in comparison with the amount spend for child care ($9). The Australians spend around $20 for bakery products like bread, cookies and etc. More money is spend for mobile phones ($12) instead for personal care ($11).
  • For the time it took you to read all these fascinating facts, Australian households spent around $3 500 000 in total!