Interesting Facts About Mens Perfume


The belief that only women spend hours getting ready is a cliché. Nowadays, men spend almost as much time on trying to look good. They too want to make a good impression and pay more attention to what they wear and how they smell. Especially how they smell. In fact, in the last decade or so, perfumes have become a vital part of every man’s style. And many designers promote new mens perfume each season and experiment with different notes to best portray men’s personality and style.

But mens perfume are not just another fashion accessory. It seems that almost every perfume for him is also an aphrodisiac. Some recent researches show that women are in fact attracted to mens perfume, rather than height, abs, perfect teeth and even income. Maybe that is why mens perfume was the most wanted gift for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Here are few more interesting facts about mens perfume you may have not known.

  • 33% of mens perfume are worn by women. According to fragrance expert Roja Dove, there is no strict definition about the masculinity or femininity of a fragrance. It is all about the marketing. In fact, women buy more than half of all mens perfume. According to recent numbers, about one third of all ‘perfume for him’ are actually worn by women. Moreover, the best-selling mens perfume are the ones best liked by women.
  • Fridge – the best place to store your perfume. Proper perfume storage is essential to ensure long life. When exposed to air, both women and mens perfume loose their power. Light also degrades perfumes and when left out on the light, perfumes have shorter life. The same applies to heat. So, the ideal place to store a perfume is an aluminum bottle which should be kept in a fridge at 3-7 °C.
  • Timeless. The sense of smell is the first of all our senses to develop and it is the best memory keeper. People usually associate smell with previous experiences and that is how they distinct good smell from the bad one. For example, there is an unwritten rule that men prefer the notes worn by their fathers. Maybe this is why some mens perfume produced in the 30’s or 40’s are still one of the best selling perfumes for him, such as Old Spice, Tabac, Eau Sauvage and Brut.
  • Bicep – The “place to be” for your perfume. As heat being the most effective distributor of a scent, it is best to wear perfume on a warm skin. Skin is warmest where blood is closest to skin surface and these are usually the pulse points. But when it comes to men, the scent is as effective when worn over highly-active muscle such as bicep.
  • Women noses know better. It is scientific proven that women have better developed the sense of smell. That is why most of the noses that test perfumes for him are women.
  • The way world’s most expensive mens perfume. The most costly commercially available fragrance on the market these days is Clive Christian No.1, limited edition men perfume with only 1000 bottles produced a year. 30 ml of this mens perfume will cost you about $1800.