Few Facts About Sparkling Wine

No celebration goes without it; good sparkling wine is the preferred drink of everyone when it comes to toasting. Having the reputation of an exquisite, expensive treat, sparkling wine holds the throne among all wines. Take Champagne for example. You can drink every wine on a daily basis, but you open a bottle of Champagne only on special occasions. You do the same with sparkling wine.


Good Sparkling Wine Is Great with Food Too

Being marked as a celebration wine, sparkling wine is often left out from dinner parties where food is served. Sparkling wine is excellent with food! Dry sparkling wines go perfectly with fish and chips, sushi and other seafood, since their acidity goes well against the fats and oils in fish. The slightly sweeter versions pair very good with fruit and cakes.

Sparkling Wine Is Good for Starters

No, it’s not just for toasts! Sparkling wine can be used as an aperitif too. A glass of good sparkling wine is perfect to keep the conversation flowing before dinner gets on the table. But, keep in mind that more than one glass may ruin your appetite, since sparkling wine is fairly acidic.

There is Also Red and Rose Sparkling Wine

When you hear sparkling wine, the first thing that comes to mind is white, fizzy liquid. But no, there are also red sparkling wines and rose varieties too! Generally, sparkling wines from the Old World are made in the traditional way and are mainly white. The sparkling wines that come from the New World such as Australia and New Zealand, are slightly different: they are fruitier and come in varieties such as red and rose. If you want to try something new, look for red or rose sparkling wine.

Serving Protocol

Sparkling wine has a serving protocol just like all other wines. It should be served slightly chilled, in tall thin flutes for the ultimate pleasure, but if you don’t have them, standard glasses will do just fine. Cool the wine for 45 minutes, nothing more, because you risk your wine to lose its taste and smell.

Now when you know the facts, let me share with you some fun facts about the good old bubbly.

  • Did you know that Marilyn Monroe used 350 bottles of Champagne to take a bath?
  • The interesting thing about Champagne is popping the cork. When popped, the cork can reach the velocity of 64 km per hour. That’s why champagne corks are popped with a towel wrapped around the bottle so they don’t hurt anyone.
  • Melchizedek is the largest bottle of Champagne in the world. It’s equal to 40 standard bottles of sparkling wine, or exactly 30 liters.
  • You shouldn’t drink Champagne, but sip it. Aside from the pleasure of it, you should sip Champagne because drinking it quickly causes the alcoholic bubbles from the wine to enter your bloodstream sooner and cause a headache.