After Reading These Facts, You’ll Never Look At Australian Wine The Same

Australia is known for many different things, including wines. What many people don’t know, is the fact that the wine industry in Australia is one of the most successful in the world. As a proof, Australia is the world’s fourth largest exporter of wines. Elegant, sophisticated and made from high quality grapes, each Australian wine is remarkable and unique in all terms. And since the wine is the favorite alcoholic drink for many people over the world, you should definitely know some important facts about the Australian wine and the wine making industry. Just be aware that after reading these amazing facts, you will never look at Australian wine the same.


  • The most common winners at every major international wine contest all over the world are the Australian wines. What is more surprising, is the low price for a single bottle of luxurious Australian wine.
  • In Australia, people consume cold white wines in order to feel their fruit flavor, and warm red wines in order to feel the alcohol inside. The perfect temperature for white wines is 8-12 degrees, and for reds 15-18 degrees.
  • The Australian wine production dates back to 1788.
  • Some of the world’s most popular wine regions are in Australia: Yarra Valley, Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, McLaren Vale, Margaret River and Clare Valley.
  • It is estimated that every year the wineries in Australia produce over a billion litres of wine, or about 1.35 trillion bottles of wine.
  • Australia is a continent with different climates and soil types, which means all major wine sorts can be planted and produced. Australia has over 60 designated wine regions where over 100 different grape varieties are being grown.
  • Per day, about 2 millions wine bottles are being exported to 111 international market. This is about 60% of the total Australian wine production, which makes Australia the 4th biggest exporter of wines in the world.
  • The iconic wine cast (box) was designed in Australia.
  • The most famous Australian wine is Penfolds Grange. This wine has won over 50 gold medals on the international wine contests all over the world. How many bottles of Penfolds Grange wines are being produced every year is a well guarded secret.
  • Most wineries around the world seal their wines with corks. However, most Australian wines are sealed with screw caps.
  • The production of Chardonnay has been slightly reduced recently, but it is still the most planted white wine grape in Australia.