DeWalt Multi-Tool Kit: Take On Even The Most Challenging of Tasks

close-up of working with multi tool

If you’re someone who loves DIY projects or a homemade handyman everybody loves to have around, you know that having the right tools for the task is super important. It just makes things so much easier. You can have all the knowledge and ideas in the world, but without the tools to execute them, you’re stuck at square one. Now, storing tools and being able to find the right ones exactly when you need them can also be challenging, especially if you’re doing a job that requires multiple tools.

Enter multitool kits! Multitool kits are just that – a kit with many different addons you can attach when you need and swap for something else when you don’t. There are many multitools out there, so as always you’ll need to be mindful when you want to purchase one. Many people may find a multitool a bit expensive, but there are good reasons for that.

I’ll take DeWalt DCS355 as an example, as it’s one of the most praised multitool kits out there and retails at about $500, though depending on what you want the kit to include, the price can vary. If you’re looking around and want to get something good and durable, we recommend you buy DeWalt tools kits, especially this one. Here’s why:

Bang For Your Buck  

close-up of DeWalt DCS355

As I already said, multitool kits are here to simplify your job and make working with tools easier and more convenient. They’re also here to save you money. By getting a multitool kit you’re buying a neatly packaged set of tools and since you’re practically buying in bulk, the price is usually far lower than if you’d get separate machines and tools.

Some people doubt multitools as they see them as “not of good enough quality”. Basically, they believe that multitools can do many things, but can do none of them as well as conventional tools. I strongly disagree with this, because if you get a well-made, brand-name, quality multitool kit, you can be sure that it will do all the things it says it will and it will do them for a long time. Multitool kits such as the DeWalt DCS355 are designed and made in a way that’s convenient and durable, all to save you the trouble of having to run to the hardware store mid-project just to replace a part, as can be the case if you opt for a multitool kit of lower quality. 


close-up of working with multitool

It’s in the name, so you already know what I’m talking about. Multitools are versatile and they’re great at it. Let’s say you’re working on a project that involves working with wood. You’ll need to cut the wood into the preferred measurements, smoothen the surface, work it into the piece you want it to be, add details you’d like, sand it down, etc. – the list can go on for a while. 

Instead of getting multiple tools, with a multitool, you’ll just need to detach one blade and reattach another or attach a sanding pad when the time is right. This will help you finish your project much faster and will be far easier for you to work on. One thing that’s important to mention is that there are different methods multitools use to switch between blades and attachments. Some require wrenches and some don’t. 

My example, the DCS355, is one of the wrench-less ones and that’s a great feature. Being able to literally pop in or out an attachment within a matter of seconds will show you just why multitools are so praised.


dewalt transport box

As I already said, multitool kits come neatly packaged. This package is most often hard plastic and is quite durable, so you don’t have to dance around it, trying not to damage it.  It’s also big enough to hold your machine, the addons, and anything else that comes with the set, like sanding paper, adapters, and so on. 

Many people opt for multitool kits just because of how easy they are to pack and take anywhere with them. They don’t keep you tied to a single location as they can work on batteries and have their very own charger, so if you have a workshop or a workspace somewhere outside of your home – you’ll be all set! You won’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to work there or not – you can just pack your things and head out. This is a great feature for outdoorsy DIY enthusiasts, as you can take your creativity and your tool and well, the world is your oyster! 

To Sum Up 

dewalt multi tools

If you’re looking for a tool that’s multifunctional, economical, easily transportable, and totally satisfying to work with – a multitool kit is a definitive answer to your prayers. I’d always recommend you buy DeWalt tools or other brand-named ones to make sure you’re getting everything you’re promised. Don’t forget to do your research first and read a review or two on the tool you’re looking for, even if it is a brand name. Items can vary, no matter how good the manufacturer is. Lastly, remember to use these tools responsibly and with caution.