Essential Painting Art Supplies for Every Aspiring Artist

We’ve all come into contact with different art styles and famous artworks throughout our lives. Famous artworks are usually infused with so much history, culture, emotion and have timeless appeal. Painting is an extremely relaxing activity that encourages artists to feel safe to explore their creativity. However, when it comes to creating art, being equipped with the right drawing and painting essentials is essential for you to enjoy the process.

Essential Art Supplies for Painting



Most painters would agree that the perfect paintbrush can bring your artwork to life, express your vision and creativity with ease. These pieces of equipment come in different sizes, shapes and materials and the easiest way to buy them is to look up reputable specialized stores for art and craft supplies online. Having the right set of brushes is a must-have for every aspiring artist. Make sure you choose brushes that are comfortable, easy to use and maintain.

Palette Knives

Painting with palette knives is sure to change things up a bit by giving a totally different look to your paintings. Palette knives are generally used for mixing paint in a palette although they can be sometimes used directly on the painting itself. These knives have a flat handle with a very slight bend. By employing this technique, painters can create a variety of different art textures and designs. Painting knives come in a range of different sizes, and shapes and are usually made from metal, but they’re often available in wood and plastic as well.

Palette knife painting is a term used to describe the impasto technique of applying paint to a canvas using a painting knife. The 19th-century artist Vincent Van Gogh is one of the many artists who was known to use this method in his artworks. By applying thick daubs of oil paint on canvas, he was able to achieve the swirling textural work he became famous for.


White canvas

Canvas is considered one of the most popular surfaces for painting used for centuries. If you want to create an artwork that will last longer then the canvas is your ideal option. Canvas is generally made from either linen or cotton which are natural fibres woven together and stretched over a wooden frame or glued to a panel creating a surface that is receptive to paint. You can find many different shapes and sizes of canvases in your local art store or you can even order them online.

Acrylic Paint

Selecting paint is a very very personal experience as it depends on the style of art you prefer and the painting techniques you employ. When shopping for acrylics you need to consider the following factors: quality, colour, brands, viscosity, and drying time. As there are so many brands and variations of acrylic paints on the market, choosing the right ones that match your needs and budget can be daunting. Hopefully, there are many websites offering a wide range of art products online, including acrylic paint.

When shopping for acrylic paint there are two product qualities you will encounter: artist professional quality and student quality. Artist professional-quality paints have a higher concentration of pigment, and better lightfastness but they are also more expensive.


Acrylic paints are ideal for creating artwork on different types of surfaces, including canvas, wood, metal, fabric, and ceramics. They are great for different art techniques such as pouring, printmaking, and conventional painting. If you are a beginner, starting with a basic set of colors is all you need. However, if you want to try on different art techniques such as pouring you may consider buying a different set of acrylic paints.

As the pouring art technique has become such a popular technique in the art world in recent years, there are so many acrylics pouring paint sets on the market today. The Mont Marte Premium Pouring Acrylic painting set makes this stunning technique accessible and easy for everyone, so you too can start creating amazing fluid artworks in the comfort of your own home.


Easel is one of the most important art supplies you will need to buy, so you need to consider your choice carefully. Buying the best art easel will make it much easier for you to create your art and ultimately help you become a better artist. Positioning your canvas in the best ambient light and angle that suits your body is essential as being comfortable while you paint results in creating better artwork.

There are many types of easels available on the market. Some designs are more portable and lightweight, mostly used for outdoor painting while others are collapsable and best-suited for limited spaces. You should always consider your working environment when choosing to buy an easel. If you have your own studio you may want to consider a larger, sturdier design with wheels, which you can move around accordingly to find the best light. This type of easel can also hold up canvasses to 120cm high.

Artist Palette


Palette is a very handy piece of art equipment, if not one of the most important tools for painting. It’s the surface upon which you squeeze and mix up the paints to create the perfect shade or colour. They come in different shapes and sizes, made from all kinds of materials. From traditional wooden ones, white plastic, safety glass, and disposable ones you name it. Each one has its pros and cons and which you choose for your artwork is a matter of personal preference.

Unless you are into the paint splatter art technique which is all about squeezing, drip, or splattering paint directly from the tube onto the canvas, you will need a palette. It’s worth mentioning that many renowned artists felt more at ease employing this kind of painting technique, and Jackson Pollock is one of them. He is one of the greatest American artists and the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement.