5 Unique Gift Ideas for a Newborn Baby Girl

Having a newborn little princess in your family or close friends’ circle is very joyful. But as much as we all cherish the moments we get that little bundle of joy in our arms, it’s not uncommon to struggle when deciding what to gift her, especially if you have no experience when it comes to babies.

For this purpose, you probably want to gift something memorable and extraordinary that will impress the new parents and stand out in their little doll’s gift collection. If you’re already running out of ideas, don’t worry, because we made a list of a couple of unique newborn baby girl presents ideas.

Themed Cot Blanket

Themed Cot Blanked
source: walmart.com

When you’re buying a gift for a newborn, you’re technically buying for the new parents. So, if you’re looking for impressive new baby girl gifts that will be useful for the little bub’s parents too, you cannot go wrong with a themed cot blanket. Besides keeping the little princess warm throughout the nights, these blankets can also complement the nursery room’s ambience as they come in various adorable designs. From the ones with cute baby quotes to the ones with cheerful and bright hues.

But choosing a blanket for a baby isn’t the same as choosing one for adults since the baby’s skin is still fragile and soft. For this purpose, make sure you choose a blanket that is made from baby safe materials. One of the best choices is an organic cotton material that is GOTS certified and 100% gentle for the baby’s skin. Such materials also don’t contain any chemicals and toxins that can harm the baby.

Baby Play Mat

Play mat
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If you want to gift something that will be of great value for the little princess, then a baby play mat can also be one of the best new baby girl gifts. These mats come in a great range of themes that will put the baby girl in the role of a spy in magical woodlands or will help explore the great world on her little play mat. Playing these kinds of games is very useful for the baby’s mental health, especially for developing its cognitive skills and improving the learning process and visual perception.

And while playing mats are undoubtedly one of the most valuable gifts for newborn girl, make sure you’re careful again and choose the one that will keep the parents assured that their little girl is “rolling” on a completely safe surface. Same as the blankets, organic cotton is also the best choice for a play mat since it also gets in touch with the baby’s sensitive skin. The mat’s padding plays a great role too, so make sure you also choose certified materials such as polyester plushes that are machine washable and easy to dry.

Soft Baby Toys

You’ve probably heard that playing with toys is very beneficial for babies since it stimulates their vision and nurtures their creativity and imagination since their first months. But have in mind that choosing toys for infants and newborns is a completely different thing than choosing toys for toddlers and children. While sustainable wooden toys may be great heirloom toys with sentimental value, and plastic toys are also one of the most budget-friendly solutions for baby girl presents, they tend to be sturdy and not that safe for babies. For this purpose, make sure you skip them and get the little princess only knitted or plush baby toys.

You can choose between the great range of knitted cotton bunnies or rabbit comforters that are perfect to cuddle with or unique pink rattles to keep the little princess engaged and entertained while her parents are doing their daily activities.

Sleeping Aid Bundle

Sleep aid

Gifting customised sets became a trend a lot of people go for lately. So, if you decided to gift the little princess a nice baby girl gift set, the sleeping aid bundles are one of the sets that will stand out in the baby girl’s gift collection. Not only such bundles are recommended for soothing the baby girl and keeping her asleep through the entire night, but they can also be of great use to calm her parents’ senses too.

So if you’re wondering what to include in the sleeping bundle, start from a nice multipurpose diffuser that features soothing lights, pink noises and aromatherapy to give the new family a good night sleep. Make sure you don’t forget to add an organic sleep balm that is applied to one’s temple and wrists to improve rest and relaxation. Also, if you want to additionally enrich the bundle, you can include a cute pink comforter to snuggle and make the little girl feel safe during the night.

Such baby girl gift baskets will bring great value to the baby girl and impress the new parents, and you don’t even have to bother “building” it on your own since there’re a lot of baby products suppliers and online services that sell and arrange lovely gift sets.

First Year Keepsake Book

But if you were searching for a gift that will be memorable and valuable, and won’t drain your wallet at the same time, then a first-year keepsake book can be the most unique present for newborn girl you can gift.

These books were a popular gift idea in the past and came in luxury and lavish designs with silk or leather embossments. But due to the great technology and innovation development, today there’re so many gift choices on the market that people are less likely to remember gifting this memorable book. By gifting this traditional keepsake book, not only you’ll amaze the new parents, but you’ll also give them the opportunity to capture the special moments of their little girl’s growing process, such as her first tooth, first word, first steps, first birthday and many more…

There’re a lot more new baby girl presents ideas that can go into this list- from personalised baby clothing essentials to a cute little pair of silver earrings or bracelets for baby girls. You only have to wake up the creativity in yourself and choose something valuable for the little doll that her parents will cherish too.