How to Pick a Functional & Attractive Showerhead

You’ll probably agree with me that the best way to begin your day is with a nice, warm shower or a cold one if that’s what you prefer. However, the wrong showerhead can easily spoil this amazing feeling. A shower head that makes it hard to wash all parts of your body or has trouble producing enough water pressure can make your daily showers feel more like an inconvenience than a way to relax. So, if you want to make your showers really enjoyable, it’s important to choose the right showerhead.

Generally, showerheads fall into three categories: wall-mounted showerheads, handheld showerheads, or top-mounted showerheads. What type is right for you depends on your showering preferences, as well as the bathroom’s design. Plus, bathroom supply stores also sell various shower rails that can increase the functionality of a handheld showerhead. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of showerheads and the experience they offer so that you can make an informed choice.

Wall-Mounted Showerheads for a Traditional Look

As the name suggests, wall-mounted showerheads are directly installed on the wall. These are usually the most affordable models and are a good option for everyone looking for a low-maintenance, easy-to-use showerhead. Some people love wall-mounted showerheads for their traditional look. So, if you have a vintage style bathroom, this style of showerhead can fit perfectly in. However, keep in mind that since the height of this showerhead is going to be permanently fixed, it may not be convenient for the different people using the shower.

Handheld Showerheads for Greater Convenience

However, if you want a shower that’s more than just a basic rinse (that a wall-mounted showerhead can provide), you need a handheld model. This type of showerhead is attached to a hose which makes it very convenient and versatile as you can move it around freely. Considering this, I’m sure that everyone with long hair will prefer a handheld showerhead. Additionally, you can use this showerhead to give your bathtub, your shower enclosure or other parts of your bathroom a good cleaning.

Shower rails attached to the wall or cabin can help keep in place the showerhead when it’s not in use. In addition, you can also explore the range of sliding shower rails which allow you to move the showerhead up and down in order to adjust the height of the spray to suit you. A handheld showerhead combined with a sliding shower rail can allow you to have both of your hand free for more convenience – similar to a wall-mounted showerhead. This way, you’ll get two different options in one showerhead.

Top-Mounted Showerheads for a Unique Experience

Top-mounted showerheads are also commonly referred to as rainfall due to the effect they create. These showerheads are mounted on the ceiling and produce a flow that imitates rainfall. They are flat and large and spread the spray of water over a larger surface. As a result, the pressure of the water hitting your body is reduced, which creates a more soothing experience. However soothing this effect may be, it may not work for people who don’t want water in their eyes or getting their hair wet every time they’re taking a shower.

If You Can’t Make Your Mind Up, You Can Always Go for a Combo

If you have the budget and want to treat yourself to all these different showering experiences, you can install a combination of different showerheads. You can purchase a handheld showerhead and install sliding rails that can allow you to use it as a wall-mounted one. You can also install an additional top-mounted showerhead which doesn’t take up much space and can be conveniently fitted on the shower’s ceiling.

Don’t Forget Picking the Right Material

Showerheads are also available in a variety of materials. Due to its toughness and rick look, most showerheads are made of brass. Brass showerheads are easy to clean and rarely need replacing as this metal is resistant to corrosion and rust. You also have the option to purchase a stainless steel showerhead which is also resistant to rusting and stains and is durable. An advantage of stainless steel showerheads is that they are usually lighter than brass ones.

Some homeowners may even go for porcelain showerheads. Porcelain is a beautiful option for a classic or vintage-style bathroom. Other materials include chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Although all these materials have their own advantages, make sure to pick a showerhead in the same or similar finish the rest of your bathroom fixtures have. This way, you will create a beautifully balanced look.

The Nozzles Matter Too!

Showerheads can include one several nozzle types: raised nozzles, silicone nozzles or flat nozzles. Made of metal or plastic, raised nozzles create a powerful downward spray. They are often removable, allowing you to give them a thorough clean. On the other hand, you can get a showerhead with flat nozzles which offers a more sleek look for bathrooms with a minimalist aesthetic. This type of nozzle is usually found on rainfall showerheads. It’s easy to clean as it isn’t prone to sediment buildup. And finally, you can pick a showerhead with silicone nozzles which are clog-resistant.