Cool Facts About Christian Dior Fragrances


Christian Dior was a fashion designer born in France in 1905, who became quite popular and started own fashion empire with the creation of the New Look, voluminous dresses that accentuated woman’s curvy body. He introduced the New Look collection in 1947 which stood out from the simple fashion styles of the World War II era. Since, the Christian Dior became a synonym for couture collections and luxurious fashion all over the world. Because of the huge success in fashion, Dior brand decided to try their luck in the perfume industry as well. And the fashion house managed to succeed in this field as well.

The first perfume from Christian Dior fragrances line was launched in 1947. Today, Christian Dior fragrances line holds more than 154 fragrances. Known for their powerful and luxurious scents, Christian Dior fragrances are among the most sought-after perfumes and number one choice of many women. A strong sense of sophistication, glamour and elegance is the trademark of all Christian Dior fragrances. Following this trend, the newest perfume from the Christian Dior fragrances line, launched in 2014, has all the components which characterize the Christian Dior brand. Even though Christian Dior fragrances are so popular, not many know much about them. Here are few cool fact about Christian Dior fragrances you’ll be amazed to learn.

  • Christian Dior was 30 years old when he launched his first fragrance back in 1947 along with his brave and very modern first clothing collection, New Look.
  • Miss Dior was the first fragrance created by Christian Dior. The fragrance was named after designer’s sister Catherine. Today, this perfume is known under the name, “Miss Dior Eau de Toillete Originale”.
  • The second fragrance created by Dior fashion house was Diorama which was launched in 1949. The next highly successful perfume was Eau Fraiche, launched in 1953, and shortly after the Diorissimo perfume was introduced in 1956.
  • Until 1960, the Christian Dior fragrances company sold more than 50,000 bottles of Miss Dior and Diorama perfumes in 87 countries.
  • Diorissimo perfume was the most expensive exported perfume ever.
  • Christian Dior fragrances are that popular that the perfume, Christian Dior is used in a novel “Haruki Murakami”.
  • In 1988, Christian Dior created first men cologne, Fahrenheit Cologne, which is very popular even today.