Camera Equipment: To Buy or To Hire?

If you’re a professional photographer, then you get it how real is the struggle; should you spend the money you don’t have to buy that new shooting gadget you’re so in love with, or go the completely opposite way and rent it for a short period? Yup, the sweat and tears while deciding what to do can be frustrating. However, as a smart human being, you’re able to do a little mathematical analysis on the matter: how much can you afford, what do you need the gadget for or if you want it more precisely: what level in your professional career are you at and which way is more worth it?

And if it’s too much for you, here’s a little help from us.


The ‘How Much Can You Afford’ Matter

When it comes to buying new cameras or additional equipment, the first thing to have in mind is that they’re costly. It’s not exactly like buying candy, as a quality new camera can cost you up to $1000 cash – an investment to consider carefully, especially if on a tight budget. The other option, the less expensive one of course, is hiring a camera. Some specialized camera equipment stores often offer camera equipment hire options, which come down to paying a symbolic sum for using a camera or other equipment pieces for a determined time period. This however, is a move that largely depends on several other factors, which takes me to my next point.

What Do You Need the Camera For?

Of course you need it for photographing. The question is, do you need it for a professional gig, like shooting for some business commercial, or do you need it for random photos to fill in your portfolio? It makes a difference because if you need it for a project that won’t last more than a week or so, you can and should go with the camera equipment hire option. If it’s the other way around, and you’re more of a full time photographer, hiring may be suitable only if you need something special at the given moment.

So, Why Should You Rent?

There are a few valid reasons that support the hiring of a camera. For starters, you get to test more than one camera and see what best fits your needs and plans without having to buy and commit. Also, it costs way less. You can hire a camera, do what you need or want to do, and then returned it back. In most cases, the deal is so well developed that it’s actually worth the investment. And finally, you’re actually protected when hiring a camera. These deals mainly have a very good rental protection plan that can save you a lot more than your own insurance policy. Therefore, you don’t have to freak out if a damage happens, which you would’ve if it was yours, and repairs should be paid out of your pocket.

Bottom line, hiring a camera and supporting equipment is a good option when you have doubts about what to choose. Trying out a few examples before you purchase one will allow you to better figure out what exactly would do best for your needs and current skills level so that when you decide to buy, you make the right investment.