NAS Data Recovery Service: Important Facts about How This Works

NAS is short for Network Attached Storage. And the whole NAS data recovery process is actually the process of recovering and restoring the data from a NAS drive, server or infrastructure. Its purpose is to obtain any data that has been deleted, corrupted or in some way have became inaccessible on a NAS or any of its storage parts.

Reasons That Could Cause Failure

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There are a number of situations where you simply can’t have control over everything and failures happen. In other instances, even human-error can be a cause for a problem. All in all, there are several reasons that can lead to data loss, including:

  • power failure or unexpected power surge;
  • overheating of the device or inaccurate shutdowns;
  • virus attack or malware infection;
  • incorrect setup of the system;
  • user error;
  • OS (operating system) errors;
  • failure of the hardware controller;
  • extreme physical damage;
  • system or multiple disk failures.

Once the Network Attached Storage is corrupted, it becomes impossible to access or repair without the help of nas data recovery specialists. They will reconfigure everything on the damaged disks in order to make it work again. The companies that offer nas data recovery service are able to get access to your failed NAS system and will recover data before formatting, resetting, or re-configuring your NAS configuration. Here is that explained in more details.

Things You Need

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The whole process of data recovery is quite complex, that is why you need to find a trusted company that will do this for you. Otherwise, you risk mistakes and losing your data without having the opportunity to get it back. Specialists know better and are experienced regarding any problem that may arise during the data recovery process. Here is what you need to provide for the data recovery specialists:

  • RAID parameters 
  • A PC with a Windows operating system;
  • Free Space that equals the volume of the recovered data from the failed NAS servers;
  • External or internal HDDs if you don’t have enough storage space for the data;
  • SATA to USB converter or enclosures that are used for connecting NAS drives to PC.

How Does it Work

Once you find reliable nas data recovery specialists, the process can start. First, they start by powering off the system and removing all hard drives from it. Then they connect them to Windows PC using USB or SATA. What’s important here is to connect all drives at one time. After this is all properly done, the data recovery specialist installs and runs a recovery software and selects the things that need to be recovered – photos, audios, videos, documents, emails or any other files or folders you need. Lastly, after you inform the specialist what you need recovered, he uses the parameters you have provided and tries to recover as much data as possible, depending on the damage, of course.