Interesting Facts About Pets and Business Opportunities

Pets are more than animals, they’re family! It might sound weird to some people but this is something every pet owner is well familiar with which would explain why staying away from pets even for a day can be difficult to bear.

Thankfully, we live in this time and age where travelling is on the rise, it doesn’t matter whether the destination is close or far away, or whether the purpose is work-related or pleasure, so it’s easier than ever before to take your pets along.

We Australians sure are a pet loving nation considering about five million Australian households own pets, but given that about 39% of these households prefer dogs, which sums up to 4.2 million dogs, we’re a dog loving nation above all.

transporting dogs internationally

When it comes to dog travel, particularly air travel, it sounds easier said than done because though you might think having your dog on board with you in the cabin instead of the cargo settles it, fact is you’d still have to go through all the hassle.

This is why hiring the services of transporting dogs internationally from pet transport agencies is a worthy investment if you value your time and money and want to have a stress-free travelling experience. Regardless whether it’s cargo or cabin travel, you’d still need the necessary paperwork for your dog.

This is because every country has its own regulations that you may not be aware of, as opposed to experienced professionals who are in the know of all the rules and updates on quarantine, vet checks, tests and certificates.

Additional services with transporting dogs internationally include flight booking, boarding, flight check-in, arranging import permits, vet checks and tests, quarantine and customs clearances, as well as delivery of the dog from the airport to the new residence, further making the experience easier for both dog and owner.

Also, specialised pet transport agencies have a network of partners all over the world, and that’s a reason more that explains the popularity of hiring pet travel services along with dog day care and dog hotels.

We keep on growing our affections for our pets, splurging on pampering  and as great as it sounds for pets, it’s also great for entrepreneurs who see the growing consumer demands as a possibility to venture into business.

In other words, we’re happy, our pets are happy, and the businesspersons are happy; it’s undeniable our love for pets positively affects both our lives and the economy nation-wide.